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Mark Steffel

Group History

Member of the Milwaukee makerspace since 2022

  • Trained in 3D printing (PRUSA) - Aug 11 2022
  • Trained in Woodshop (Lenox) - Sept 22 2022
  • Trained in Woodshop-Differences (Norwich) - Oct 11 2022
  • Trained on Lasers (Lenox) - Dec 8 2022


I have a programming background and little experience on much that isn't on a computer, but willing/want to learn.

Interests & Stuff I do

Puzzles, 3d printing/electronics, fantasy football, mud runs/obstacle courses [when I was in shape], volleyball [when I was in shape], geocaching (mostly mystery/puzzle/gadget caches), board games, movies, tv, audiobooks, concerts, photography.

Favorite Tools/Ask Me About

Current Projects/Works in Progress

Possible Future Projects

Completed Projects

Personalized Laser Engraved Live Edge Boxes for my Nieces

Tabled Projects or On Hold

Abandoned Projects



Hackery & Electronics

To help me learn engineering I took the Mark Rober monthly (now studio) class, and to learn about electronics I have the kits that I'm still working through. I occasionally see projects on insttructibles, iliketomakestuff and diyperks that I want to try.


I enjoy playing board games, I have a bunch (and some I haven't even opened). So if anyone wants to play any of these games, or just to borrow them to play at the makerspace, let me know.

  • 5 Minute Dungeon
  • 7 Wonders Duel
  • Apples to Apples (with Expansion Packs 1 & 2)
  • Avalon
  • Axis & allies
  • Cadoo
  • Canasta Caliente
  • Carcassonne
  • Codenames
  • Codenames Duet
  • Cosmic Encounter
  • Cribbage Board
  • Decrypto
  • Eldritch horror
  • Escape Room: The Game
  • Euchre Trump Cube
  • Family Feud Platinum Edition
  • Forbidden Island
  • Gift Trap
  • King of Tokyo
  • Loaded Questions
  • Malarkey
  • Octi
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1
  • Pass the pigs
  • Playing Cards
  • Poker Chips
  • Puerto Rico
  • Quizzard
  • Ra
  • Robo Rally
  • Robo Rally: Armed and Dangerous
  • Scene it? DVD game
  • Scrabble
  • Seafarers of Catan
  • Set
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures
  • Sketchwords
  • Storming the Castle
  • Sushi Go
  • Taboo
  • The Great Dalmuti
  • The Mind
  • The Pillars of the Earth
  • Tic Talk
  • Ticket to Ride: Marlin Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition
  • Twister
  • Uno
  • Vegas Showdown
  • Wisconsinopoly
  • Zertz

Contact Info OR text: 612-964-5948

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