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Hi! You've stumbled across my profile. Don't mind the mess!

I'm Jen - a witty (if I do say so myself!) staff assistant by day and a masters student/sawdust bunny/sergeant at arms by night. I dabble in some geekery, am owned by two amazing rescue cats, aaand I manage to leave glitter nearly everywhere I go. (It's a thing. Just roll with it.)

My skill-set realms:

  • jewelry making
  • news junkie
  • general painting
  • drawing (wish I had more time…aaand
  • anything with glitterrrrrrr! LOL
  • action figure customization
  • spray painting - anything from canvas to metal
  • re-purposing of obsolete or broken items
  • (fake) floral arranging (I seem to have a black thumb…)
  • I can make minute rice in 57 seconds. (hehehe. Thank you Facebook for making me sound clever!)

And my current fave medium: miniatures! Everything seems better smaller! Well…almost everything. ;-) Plus I simply love working in the wood shop. I'm trying to make more things than just sawdust. m(

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