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 ====== DL ====== ====== DL ======
 Ceramics Area Champion\\  Ceramics Area Champion\\ 
-{{:members:owl60_35.jpg?200|}}\\  +//(aka Deboralynn Swanson)//\\  
-aka Deboralynn Swanson+{{:members:owl60_35.jpg?200|}} **Life should not be beige!**\\  
 +My first love is Jewelry design and creating. Beading, Wire work, PMC or using fire to mold and form metal are all tools I use to bring my designs to life. I buy clothes to coordinate with my jewelry and shoes. I also love playing with clay and getting muddy. I grew up working with ceramics and it compliments my love for jewelry. I don't like to always color inside of the lines. I love learning new things and collecting new skills. I confess, I'm am a tool junkie and yes I love shoes too! \\  
 ====== What am I doing at the MakerSpace? ====== ====== What am I doing at the MakerSpace? ======
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 ====== Interests ====== ====== Interests ======
   * Jewelry Design   * Jewelry Design
     * Beading     * Beading
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