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Ceramics Area Champion
(aka Deboralynn Swanson)
Life should not be beige!

My first love is Jewelry design and creating. Beading, Wire work, PMC or using fire to mold and form metal are all tools I use to bring my designs to life. I buy clothes to coordinate with my jewelry and shoes. I also love playing with clay and getting muddy. I grew up working with ceramics and it compliments my love for jewelry. I don't like to always color inside of the lines. I love learning new things and collecting new skills. I confess, I'm am a tool junkie and yes I love shoes too!

What am I doing at the MakerSpace?

My husband made me! Well sort of.
My husband really wanted me to come and see this new place he found. So I reluctantly tagged along.
Two hours later I was hooked. It was nothing like I had expected.

Since joining I have spent most of my time on setting up the ceramics area and helping with the Maker Faire or other community events.


  • Jewelry Design
    • Beading
    • Wire Wrapping
    • Metal Smithing
    • Metal Clay
    • Recycling - Multimedia
  • Ceramics
    • Ceramic Beads
    • Hand Forming
    • Slip Casting
    • Pottery Wheel
    • Painting, Staining and Glazing Techniques
  • Paper Crafts
    • Stamping
    • Scrap Booking
    • Oragami
    • Paper Beads
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Blacksmith (metal work)
  • 3D Printing
  • Geneology
  • Laser Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Upcycling


  • Strategic Analyst
  • Autocad, MicroStation
  • Document Specialist
  • Basic Mechanical Aptitude
  • Organizing and Managing events
  • Change Management

Things I've worked on

  • 2013 Milwaukee MakerFest
  • Designed 2013 MakerFest T-Shirt
  • 2014 Maker Faire Milwaukee event floor plan
  • Upcycled leftover laser cut pieces in to Jewelry
  • 2014 MMS Holiday Make-a-Thon

Current & Future Stuff

  • Setting up Ceramics area
  • 2015 Maker Faire Milwaukee

Usually in the 'Space Tuesday evenings in ceramics area or craft lab.
Feel free to email directly or post a new topic to the Google Groups to contact me.

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