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 ===== Member Topics and Announcements ===== ===== Member Topics and Announcements =====
 +  * Grillers Night Out is tomorrow 
 +  * Kindly clean up after yourselves when you are done using an area, and put the tools back where they belong 
 +  * Keith is available for laser cutter training after the meeting tonight
   * Tuesday night is trash and housekeeping night.   * Tuesday night is trash and housekeeping night.
   * Meeting Adjourns   * Meeting Adjourns
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 ===== What Did We Talk About ===== ===== What Did We Talk About =====
-  * Stuff...+  * Member Projects 
 +    * Wolfgang made Leopold benches for a community garden 
 +    * Steve made a smartwatch stand, and... broke it 
 +    * Repeat appearance of a knife made from a file, and a handmade leather sheath 
 +  * Recognition for **AWESOMENESS** 
 +    * Wolfgang, Tom and Marc helped on a table 
 +    * Jon helped Marc and his wife with their gourds. Marc bought two boxes of belts for the jewelry area 
 +    * Wolfgang made pizzas for grillers night out 
 +    * Keith fixed the exit sign in the craft lab   
 +    * Tony cleaned up the machine shop 
 +  * Guest Introductions 
 +    * Jim found out about the space from his brother, works with wood and wants to learn to weld 
 +    * Rena took a tour during gallery night a few years ago, is an artist and teacher, and is interested in CNC 
 +    * A.J. runs a haunted house out of Franklin, and found out about us from his boss, is interested in woodworking and welding 
 +    * Cindy worked with clay years ago, and wants to learn again, heard about us from a friend 
 +    * Aaron is a software dev, and took a tour a few weeks ago. Does woodworking and wants to learn hardware and electronics 
 +    * Kyle stopped in last week, and has discovered he has a compulsion to build things 
 +    * Gabriel made the knife from above
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