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-  * **Members: ** ?? \\ +  * **Members: ** 33\\ 
-  * **Guests: ** ?? \\ +  * **Guests: ** \\ 
-  * **Things mentioned:​** ??+  * **Things mentioned:​** ​Costumes from "​Frozen"​ by Kathy, Nugget Hops for beer, Hop tea sucks, Dyeing things purple for Halloween, Dead Router (Wood not internetz), Fixed Headphones, Rebuilding Puppets, Expandable Foam, Rosetta Spacecraft will attempt to land on the comet on November ​ 12th, Pumpkin pavilion at Humboldt Park, Couture jewelery based on hats, Art cycle milwaukee, Recycled bike with a jewelers bench on it??, Arduinos and leds, Exercise equipment, Guy who ruins bridges, Snow removal at the makerspace, Done with voting, Play in Clay with DL on Friday this week , We have a new vacuum cleaner - it sucks!, Dan and Tom Gr. win the election
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