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   * New Board Members: 2 \\   * New Board Members: 2 \\
   * Guests: 12 \\   * Guests: 12 \\
-  * Things mentioned: ??\\+  * Things mentioned: ​Growing up on a farm in Indiana, Wireless Headsets, Gun Totin' Robots, Department of Homeland Security wants to start a Makerspace, Creepy Bears, Scarves, New Board, New window on door, Nerdy Derby Zamboni, We’re missing a brick in the Paint Room (anyone where it is?), Barcamp, Network Security, Logical Fallacies, Paper Mache heads, Buttons, Bucketworks,​ We're going to have a brick at the Tesla Museum, Pottery area, Elections (Vote early, Vote often), Spay and Neuter your pets, Cyber defense!\\
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