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   * One On One Introductions of Members to Guests   * One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
 +  * **Members: ** 35 \\
 +  * **Guests: ** 10 \\
 +  * **Things mentioned:​** seam ripping a dress, new vinyl cutting & sandblasting class from Lexie, new wood lathed handles for tools in the blacksmithing shop, super-bright LED picture frame, making a crankshaft, butt receptacle (MB*#​$&​F#​*IEF for short), lathed wooden bowl, shoe plate, laser-engraved leather, leather working class by Rich, CNC router for book shelf, Pantone books are a valuable resource, we have cheesecake miniature squares, we have a serger (you need to checked off to use it!), HMMMMMM demo, vinyl cutting demo, what to do with waste wood from lathing?, damn it's cold outside! ​
-  * **Members** ?? \\ +{{:meetingagenda:real.gif?nolink|}}
-  * **Guests** ?? \\ +
-  * **Things mentioned:​** ??+
 +[[http://​​post/​73529442572/​that-project-is-actually-functional-not-a-prop|That project is actually functional, not a prop??]]
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