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   * One On One Introductions of Members to Guests   * One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
-  * **Members: ** ?? \\ +  * **Members: ** 25 \\ 
-  * **Guests: ** ?? \\ +  * **Guests: ** \\ 
-  * **Things mentioned:** ??+  * **Things mentioned:** pine cone wreath, MMPIS update, Krambo Industries etched bottle, Milwaukee Makerspace lighted sign, gardenia scented knitted scarf, blanket, horror detective series, project management, cookies (maybe too many), pumpkin pie, architctural model, Jim's pliers holders, Alan's keys and a holder, drawer for Alan's keys, ducts, stainless steel, tape and magnets, Day of the Dead umbrella with skeletons and flowers, Learning is Learning, master gardening certificate, furnace removal, trivets with Dan, anodizing things, Kuka advancements, Brant will be making a sign. 
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