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   * **Members: ** 30\\   * **Members: ** 30\\
   * **Guests: ** 7   * **Guests: ** 7
-  * **Things mentioned:​** Milwaukee MakerFest!+  * **Things mentioned:​** Milwaukee MakerFest! ​also... sewing, M2C2, M6, cutting a wooden bowl, Lady Loki costume, mini-forge, mini-lathe, electric car, hydroponic tower, Return of the Vacuum Former, crocheting a scarf, joining the space, Return of the Darkroom, pinhole cameras, Kuka enclosure: The Closure, Power Wheels shaft straightening,​ singing pumpkins for the Bay View Pumpkin Pavilion at Humboldt Park, 3D printing parts for an automated dog, spiral staircase, CNC machines, electronics,​ computers, Laser Light Show: The Burninator, Stratasys FDM 200000, cutting boards, ​
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