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Makers Village Spaces

The following spaces are available for rent at the new Makers Village building. To rent a space please contact or call/txt Dan Jonke at 516-317-8609.

The building is located at: 2517 E Norwich Ave.
St. Francis, WI

If you look at the map below, all spaces not colored in are available for rental:




All member space is rented month to month, and you may be asked to vacate your space on 1 month's notice if the Makerspace wants to expand into your area. The needs of the group will take precedence over the individual renters.

What space is available?


There will be free member shelves available to everyone, just like our old building. Additional shelves will be $4 per month


Pallet rental is $6 per month, the same as our old building.

PAxxx x20 x19 x18 x17 x16 x15 x14 x13 x12 x11 x10 x09 x08 x07 x06 x05 x04 x03 x02 x01
PA3xx Tim C Dan G Dan G Kyle W Kyle W Kyle W Kyle W Kathy C Kathy C Kathy C Kathy C Kathy C
PA2xx Wolfgang Wolfgang Carly S Rick M Rick M James M James M Adam P Adam P JP E Paul F Paul K Tim C
PA1xx Tyler Tiffany Markus Markus Steve P Steve P Mike H Dan J Dan G Dan G Bret D Bret D Bob R Bob R Elizabeth D Marti R MMS MMS MMS MMS

Basement Floor Space

If you want to rent storage space in the basement, it is $0.50 per square foot per month. We have spaces planned out from 50 to 184 square feet. The basement is only accessible by staircase, there is no elevator.

Space Dimensions Size Cost Available?
B104 10'x5' 50sqft $25 N
B105 10'x5' 50sqft $25 N
B106 10'x5' 50sqft $25 N
B201 10'x20' 184sqft $92 N
B202 10'x10' 100sqft $50 N
B203 10'x10' 100sqft $50 Y
B204 10'x10' 100sqft $50 Y
B205 10'x10' 100sqft $50 Y
B206 10'x10' 100sqft $50 N
B301 10'x15' 150sqft $75 N
B302 10'x10' 100sqft $50 N
B303 10'x10' 100sqft $50 N
B304 10'x10' 100sqft $50 Y
B305 10'x10' 100sqft $50 Y
B306 10'x15' 144sqft $72 Y
B401 10'x10' 100sqft $50 N
B402 11'9“x5' 59sqft $30 N
B403 10'x5' 50sqft $25 Y
B405 10'x5' 50sqft $25 N
B502 11'9”x10' 118sqft $59 N
B503 10'x10' 100sqft $50 Y
B505 10'x10' 100sqft $50 N
B506 8'9“x10' 88sqft $44 N

Shop Vaults

There are 3 Vaults in the West Room, they are all former locker rooms marked V1-3 on the map.

Space Dimensions Size Cost Available?
V1 18'x8' 144sqft $173 N
V2 8'9”x22' 192sqft $230 N
V3 7'3“x22' 159sqft $191 N

Waiting list for empty vaults:

  1. Michael D
  2. Geoffrey V

Craft Space

There are 11 craft spaces marked C2-12 on the map in a room adjacent to the meeting room. These are private spaces similar to a vault, but they do not have any walls separating them. C1 is reserved for the new Ham Radio area.

Space Dimensions Size Cost Available?
C1 6’10”x10’3” 70sqft $70 N
C2 7’6”x15’ 84sqft $84 N
C3 6’10”x10’3” 70sqft $70 Y
C4 7’6”x15’ 112sqft $112 N
C5 6’10”x10’3” 70sqft $70 Y
C6 7’6”x15’ 112sqft $112 N
C7 6’10”x10’3” 55sqft $55 N
C8 7’6”x15’ 112sqft $112 N
C9 6’10”x10’3” 70sqft $70 N
C10 7’6”x15’ 112sqft $112 N
C11 6’10”x10’3” 70sqft $70 N
C12 7’6”x15’ 100sqft $100 N

There is also open floor space for rent on the second floor of the building. Rental is available for $0.80 per square foot per month. These spaces are only accessible by staircase, there is no elevator.

Shop Space

Open floor space in the east and west shop rooms is available for the price of $1 per square foot per month. Spaces will generally be between 10 and 250 square feet. Talk to us to workout details about your desired size and area of the building.

Other Space Available

If you need more than 250 square feet, or if you would like space in the office tower, please talk to us.

We can also rent spaces in the parking lot or garage. or call/txt Dan Jonke at 516-317-8609.

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