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Holiday Make-A-Thon 2014

  • When: Friday, November 28th, 2014, 1pm-6pm
  • Location: Makerspace, Lenox
  • Participants: Makers and Public
  • Contact: Deboralynn Swanson

Please register so we can make sure we have enough supplies.

The event is free and each participant will receive 10 tickets to use on 10 make and takes. * Details

  • Typically we've made this a free event, and asked for donations to help cover the cost of materials. Unless we get any sponsors, we'll probably continue this trend.
  • Activities
  • Some of these are tentative and will rely on people to volunteer to make them happen!
  • Decorate a laser-cut ornament
  • Design a laser-cut ornament
  • Learn to solder a tie-pin
  • Design & 3D print a cookie cutter
  • Make a necklace / bracelet
  • Make a rose pin
  • Decorate your own gift wrapping paper
  • Fold a paper diamond ornament
  • Make a woodcut print
  • Refreshments
  • Want to bring something delicious to share? Please do!
  • Cookies
  • Pie
  • Leftovers Buffet!

Activity & Volunteers List

  • Registration & Tickets - HELP WANTED
  • Decorate a laser-cut ornament - HELP WANTED
  • Design a laser-cut ornament - Brant or Vishal
  • Learn to solder a Tie-pin - Vishal or Brant
  • 3D print a cookie cutter - Matt N.
  • Decorate your own gift wrapping paper - HELP WANTED
  • Fold a paper Ornament - Adrian
  • Create your own card or tag - HELP WANTED
  • Felt Craft - Tiffany
  • Homemade Hand Scrub - Lexie
  • Melted Crayon Ornament - Karen
  • Make a Dog Toy - Karen
  • Paint your own Pottery Ornament - DL
  • Spin Art - HELP WANTED
  • Beaded bracelet/necklace - Kathy
  • Make a pin or tie tack - HELP WANTED

Setup Info and Help needed

  • When: This weekend, November 22 & 23th, 2014
    Clean out space in the east room for 5 or 6 long tables for painting, glue, glitter and spin art
    Put learn to solder kits together
  • Day of - Setup
  • When: Friday, November 28th, 2014, 11am-2pm
    Setup event areas and clean
  • Registration & Tickets - Front Foyer
  • Decorate a laser-cut ornament - East Rm
  • Design a laser-cut ornament - Laser Rm
  • Learn to solder a Tie-pin - Elec Lab
  • 3D print a cookie cutter - 3d Print Area
  • Decorate your own gift wrapping paper - Craft Lab
  • Fold a paper Ornament - Conf Rm
  • Create your own card or tag - East Rm
  • Felt Craft - Conf Rm
  • Homemade Hand Scrub - Craft Lab
  • Melted Crayon Ornament - Craft Lab
  • Make a Dog Toy - Craft Lab
  • Paint your own Pottery Ornament - East Rm
  • Spin Art - East Rm
  • Beaded bracelet/necklace - Conf Rm
  • Make a pin or tie tack - East Rm
  • Food Buffet - Conf Rm (in fron of refrigerators)

Supply Donations Needed

The craft Lab has some supplies, but we can't deplete the craft lab of everything. Some supplies will need to be donated or purchased. thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

  • 3mm Baltic Birch Plywood for Laser Cut Ornaments
  • Colored Card Stock for Cards and Paper Ornaments
  • Pre Print Origami Patterns on colored paper (I have patterns)
  • 3D Printer Filament -
  • Colored Felt
  • Sugar, essential Oils, Food coloring and container for Hand Scrub - Ellen and Lexie
  • Old Crayons, Clear Ornaments, Hair Dryers, exacto Knives to make melted crayon ornaments -Lexie (16 -1.5“ ornaments), DL and purchase 60 2.5” for $30.00
  • Ceramic Ornaments, Paints and Brushes - ClayPlace will sponsor this
  • Beads, Findings, Elastic cord for jewelry
  • Old card board puzzle pieces to be painted for pins and Tie tack
  • Batteries for learn to Solder - Thunder Horse Designs will Donate
  • Pin backs and pin stuff - Thunder Horse Designs will Donate
  • Acrylic Paints, Glitter Glue, Paint Brushes, Glue Sticks, and any other craft supplies that can be used to decorate cards, ornaments etc.

Financial donations can be placed in an envelope labeled Make-A-Thon, then dropped in any of the donation boxes at the space.

Leftovers Buffet

Ok so it may not all be leftovers. But, the thought gets your attention!
We do want to make sure though that there are some eats and drinks. Making things works up an appitie and we don't want our volunteer dropping over from hunger. after all its not the Hunger Games.

Feel free to sign up to bring something specific or leftovers.

  • Festive Foods
    • Hot Cider or mix
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Punch Mix
    • Cookies
    • Pie
    • Veggies
    • Fruit
    • Cheese
    • Salami
    • Olives
    • Pickles
    • Any finger food
    • Leftovers

These are some of the things that have been brought in the past.

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