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This is the old outdated FAQ here for historical purposes.

So don't use it, except for a reference to the past.

Some of these still need to be integrated into the newer FAQ.

Can I be on the mailing list without being a member?

  • Yes. Anyone can join the list. You must request posting permission via the Google Group web page to post to the group. This requirement is to reduce spam.

What are the dues?

  • Dues are $80/month for regular members.
  • Current students with a valid student ID may join for $40/month
  • Part time members restricted to Mon though Thurs may join for $40/month
  • Part time members restricted to Fri through Sunday may join for $40/month

Can I join for just one month every once in a while?

  • Yes, but you have to get sponsored each time you want to rejoin and you miss out on the social aspect. You won’t get to see and talk to the other members doing cool projects.

What can I do there as a member?

  • Take a look at the blog to get an idea of the sorts of things we do now.
  • What do you want to do? If its cool but not immediately possible we’ll try to make it happen.

Can I use anything there as a member? (Equipment, tools, materials)

  • Once you are qualified to use a given machine or tool, you can use that machine. The will be some materials that are for common use but please don’t use other member’s materials with out their permission.

What happens if I break a machine?

  • You need to fix it or find someone who can fix it. If you don’t and the other members feel it was malicious you may be asked to pay for the repairs or lose your membership. We all understand that use of the machine results in wear and tear that inevitably leads to failure. We are just asking for reasonable accountability

Who owns the machines?

  • Whoever may have leased the machine to us. We may own some equipment, but not too much. It mostly leased to us by individual members.

What equipment is/will be available?

  • Check out our equipment list. Check back often as we expect it to expand.

Can I bring a guest to the space?

  • Yes, you can bring two guests, 10 years aged or older. Each must sign the guest liability release form.

Can my club meet at the space?

  • Once a month each member may host a club meeting. More than 10 folks must be scheduled 1 month in advance.

How can I get an account on the website?

  • Become a member and we’ll will create one for you! Or if you ask nicely we’ll make one with lesser permissions for non-members. (email
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