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Are you trying to separate your MMS email from all the rest? Do what the pros do and create an automatically organizing folder. First, create a folder and then create a filter that places all messages matching the “List-ID” header into your new folder by following the instructions for your email service below (you might need to use a desktop computer to set them up.) Here are the List-ID headers for the MMS mailing lists:

Members list:
List-ID: <>

Public list:
List-ID: <>

Are you tired of a conversation thread or need a break from someone's flurry of messages? Almost every email reader has a filter that you can use to automatically hide, place in a special folder or “mark read” messages that match a certain subject or sender. If you don't want to see a particular discussion, create a filter to mark read/delete all messages that match the subject of the discussion. If you need a break from a particular individual, create a filter that matches the “X-Original-Sender:” header for the sender's email address. You can also use the “From” header, but sometimes Google Groups mangles this header.






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