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Blacksmithing: Make your own Trivet

Make your very own trivet from scratch using bar stock steel straight out of the mill. No modern equipment involved, only fire and hand tools. We will be using techniques that date back over 3000 years!

I have given these trivets away as holiday presents for the past several years. They always get a great reaction, and then you get to tell the person “Oh yeah, I made that”. There is no finer way to buy love from your relatives.

What the Hell is a Trivet?

I'm glad you asked! Wikipedia has you covered:

What Can You Use it For?

Most modern trivets are only used to keep a hot pot insulated from burning the kitchen counter/table. However a proper iron trivet can also be used to cook over an open fire. Great for camping and outdoors types. I have personally used my own trivets at home to cook in my fireplace.


We each make a trivet, you will be able to follow along with my demonstration piece and I will provide one-on-one tutelage as you forge your piece. You will do all the hammering and forging on your own piece, it will be 100% hand made by you.


Class Size

I can only handle 2 students per session, so we will not be having one large class, You can register interest below and I will work with you to schedule a date and time.


Dan Jonke


$40 per student (member price). Students must be a member of the makerspace.


Provided by myself, cost covered in class fee.


Flexible scheduling offered. I am available on Wednesday thru Friday after 5pm, and Sundays after 1pm.


The class should run approximately 4 hours. The length is partially decided by you, We will only move on to the next step “When it looks good to you”. If we end up doing a solo class it will go faster.



You must be a member of the Makerspace to take this class. I haven't got my insurance figured out yet to cover non-members, sorry! If you really want to take this class anyway, a month of membership is only $40, lets talk!

Previous Experience is not Necessary

I will want you have taken my intro forging class “Make an S-hook” already. That one is offered for free to any member of the space whenever I am in the building.

If you have never smithed before, we can start with a hook and graduate to the trivet all in one day. Plan on an additional 45 minutes of instruction time in that case.

Safety Gear

I will provide Safety Glasses, Leather Aprons, and Hot Work Gloves. Your clothing should be comprised of all natural fibers: cotton, wool, and leather“ if you are wearing polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc… it can catch on fire and burn you.

There is more information about using the forge safely in the tutorial:
Using the Natural Gas Forge

Interested Members

  • Eric B. (done)
  • Charlie Sturgis (done)
  • Lance L. (done)
  • Alexia N. (done)
  • Jakob Marasch (done)
  • Jon Hughett (done)
  • David Marsella (done)
  • Matt Neesley (done)
  • Sean Malloy (done)
  • Amanda Malloy (done)
  • Kathy Cannistra (done)
  • Tiffany M. (done)
  • Jason Gessner (done)
  • John B (done)
  • Robert K. (done)
  • Have Blue (prepaid)
  • Rich Preston
  • Joe R.
  • Matt W.
  • Colleen W.
  • Frankie Flood
  • Ben Nelson
  • Bill Murray
  • Audrey Horst
  • Bill W.
  • John L.
  • John Neil Thompson
  • Bunnie Horn
  • Dylan Stemper
  • Tyler Brown/Mari Almanza
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