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Security Camera Review Request Log


  • Since March 2011, Milwaukee Makerspace has maintained some form of electronic security camera system for the safety of our members and their property. (See: Chase CCTV System)
  • The cameras are not connected to any external systems or networks and are not accessible outside the building.
  • No cable has been plugged into the network jack on the camera system DVR(s).
  • Audio has been disabled. No audio is ever recorded.
  • The following criteria has been used to locate cameras:
    • Entrances/exits
    • Areas of high traffic
    • Potential for abuse or damage to equipment
    • Potential for injuries
  • Notices that CCTV cameras are in use have been posted around the building.
  • Notices that you may be recorded have been posted around the building.
  • Access to saved recordings is restricted to members of the Board of Directors.
  • The Board will only review footage at a member's request or in direct relationship to an incident.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Board of Directors by emailing the info at milwaukee makerspace dot org account.


Samsung SDE-5001 16 Channel DVR 1 TB Datasheet

Camera Locations

  • Current
    • IT Closet
    • Exit Door 1
    • Exit Door 2
    • Exit Door 3
    • Overhead Garage Door
    • Metal Shop (2 cameras)
    • 3D Print Lab
    • Laser Cutter Room
    • Alley (North Side)
    • Wood Shop
    • Craft Lab/Drop Box
  • Planned
    • Exit Door 4
    • Welding Area
    • Alley (South Side)
  • Places We Will Never Install Cameras
    • Restrooms
    • Individual Storage Vaults
  • Details regarding specific view angles and blind spots are not shared

Making Requests

  • Any member may request that footage be reviewed by emailing the Board of Directors email account which is (info at milwaukee makerspace dot org, remove spaces and edit as necessary)
  • If you have a request that involves one or more Board Members, please contact another Board Member that is not involved
  • Always use discretion and good judgment when handling sensitive issues or concerns
  • Board Members must log all requests and reviewed footage here
  • If you need help logging a request or editing this wiki page, please ask the rest of the Board for help

Log of Requests

Date of request (Required) Requested via (Required) Requested By (Optional) Reviewed By (Required) Dates and Times Reviewed (Required) Comments (Optional)
2000-01-01 Email to BOD Withheld B.Member 2000-01-01,00:00 to 2000-01-02,09:00 Example entry
2014-11-16 None B.Holeman B.Holeman 2014-11-16, all hours Installed 2 new cameras in Metal Shop and 1 in 3D Print Lab; checked system was recording
2014-12-15 Email to BOD S.Pilon, A.Volden B.Holeman 2014-12-13,00:00 to 2014-12-15,09:00 Vandalism, Men's Room
2014-12-15 Email to BOD L.Andersen B.Holeman 2014-12-13,08:00 to 2014-12-14,10:00 Male sleeping in Meeting Room
2014-12-22 Email to BOD S.Thelen L.Lamont 2014-12-19 through 12-21, Various Times to monitor 50 watt Laser Laser Cutter Abuse review
2014-12-30 Email to BOD L.Lamont B.Holeman 2014-12-18 through 12-22, Looking for 60 watt air assist cone only Laser Cutter Abuse review
2015-01-13 In person A.Rimson B.Holeman 2015-01-07 through 01-13, looking for anyone who may have used the cutting mat in the Craft Lab Craft Lab Cutting Mat damaged
2015-02-07 None D. Jonke D. Jonke Live Footage Installed and Positioned Alley North Camera
2015-02-22 None V. Rana V. Rana Live Footage Took down Server Room camera and Installed it in the Wood Shop, Installed Server Room Camera, Reconfigured Drop Box Camera to catch more of the Craft Lab
2015-05-05 In person F. Wild F. Wild / D. Jonke 2015-04-30
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