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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - November 18th, 2021


  1. Intro
    1. Take Attendance:
    2. Cheers:
    3. Previous Minutes:
    4. Financial Projections:
  2. Updates on Ongoing Business
    1. Marquette SAE Team
    2. Norwich Lease
    3. Maker Faire
    4. Make48
    5. Space Improvement Day on 11/28
    6. Membership Engagement
    7. Pottery Area Proposal
    8. Neon Area Proposal
  1. New Business
    1. Member Topics
      1. Open for guests
  2. President's Minute
    1. Newsletters
    2. Business Cards
    3. Challenge Coins



  • Tim C
  • Marcus S
  • Bill R
  • Alden H
  • Chris T
  • Faith F
  • Jeff M
  • NA
  • Dan J
  • Charlie P
  • Jake B
  • Adam P
  • Steve P
  • Mike T


  • This month's libation of choice: Gin and Tonics
  • Provided by: Marcus S

Previous Minutes

  • Meeting called to order by Tim at: 7:03 PM
  • Last months meeting's minutes approved unanimously

Current Financial Projections

  • Update from Jeff M
  • Membership is currently 375 (Maximum was 380); Minimum was ~240 during Covid.

Ongoing Business

Marquette SAE Team

  • Marquette SAE received clearance for 4 months of rent + memberships
  • Tim provided tours of both buildings to ~16 Marquette students
    • Bill and Tim signed up ~16 new members on 11/7!!!
  • Marquette provided payment for 21 members and 350sqft of storage for 1 month
    • Once approved, they will provide a check to cover through end of February

Norwich Lease

  • Due to rise in price of natural gas and inflation rising at 6%, the price per sq ft in the new lease (current lease expires 12/3/21) needs to be adjusted in the new lease
  • Proposal: Lease to increase $0.015 per square foot for a 3 year lease (increase of $165/month)
  • 1 or 3 year lease
  • Tim C will notify the membership

Maker Faire Milwaukee

  • Total Expenditures
    • Power Wheels: $1,700 paid for, amount outstanding to be paid by Treasurer

Make 48

  • Proposed dates in July, 2022
  • Membership given primer via sizzle reel in recent newsletter
  • Next steps: educate the membership
  • Participation determined by a membership vote in the future as details are finalized

Space Improvement Day

  • Sunday, Nov. 28th
  • Food: Chacanabee by Jake and Faith / Beef Chili by Mike T
    • Members can bring additional food to share
  • Major projects identified

Membership Engagement

Storage Proposal

  • Proposal by Tim: all new members must attend Space Improvement Day before being allocated storage space
    • Encourage new members to interact with current members and the BOD
    • Helps ensure large groups of volunteers
    • Adequate persuasion/reward for volunteerism
    • Will be done on the honor system.
    • If current members want storage space, they must have participated in an SID within the last 2 to 3 months.
  • Vote to change rule to reflect the above proposal
    • Tim C will alert the membership of the proposed change
  • No action taken, BOD vote slated to occur at December meeting, to be implemented in new year

Event Proposal

  • Date of Trivia Night
    • 1Q proposed

Membership Signup Materials

  • Tim 7/8ths through script for new member video
    • Upon completion will do rough recording for commentary/feedback
    • Will break up information between the 2 tours and signup video (goal: have video be ~10 minutes long)

Pottery Area Expansion

  • Jeff M for expansion of Ceramics Area
    • Requesting 491.5 SQFT of space, or $184.31/mo
    • Proposed Area Map:pottery_area.pdf
    • Proposed Timeline:
      • 4 weeks to move Dan L to another location.
      • 2 weeks to resurface, wash, and epoxy the new area
      • 1 week acquire and erect pallet rack and move/rearrange equipment into new space.
      • Additional work that might have to be done would include electrical drops for new wheels as required. This would not be necessary from the initial plan but be needed as time continues.
  • Call to Vote to Expand the Area:
    • Ayes: 6
    • Nays: 0
    • Abstains: 1

Early discussion on expanding the HAM Radio area

  • Mike T paid the rent for the area in 2021
  • Request to have MMS pay for the area beginning 1/22 (70 sq ft)
  • Mike T requests additional 70 sq ft (Total cost of $54/month for 140 sq ft)
  • HAM radio has made >2,600 contacts to date
  • FYI, trailing 12 months: net of $3,000. Current net of ~$4,000

Neon Sign Bending Area

  • Jake Bissen on Creating a Neon Sign Bending Area
    • Requesting 55sqft of space, or $20.67/mo
    • ~$1000 of startup funding requested to purchase (glass, transformers, etc) to give a class right away
      • $500 for initial consumables
      • $500 to build out the area
    • Allow members to make signs for the Space at no cost
    • Will Call Vote one Week from Today (November 25)

New Business

  • MMS Merch
    • Alden suggests making the merchandise
    • Consider a 2 tier program
      • Make some merchandise and use a 3rd party vendor for additional upscale products (fleece pull-overs, etc)
    • Or use a third party vendor

Pre-Planned Membership Proposals

Member Topics

President's Minute

  • Newsletters.
  • Business cards
    • Tim updating
    • Vote: Spend ~$120 for ~1,000 cards
      • Ayes: 7
      • Nays: 0
      • Abstention: 0
  • Initial discussion on challenge coins - BOD can privately provide members for exemplary service to the Space.
    • To be discussed in the future


  • Meeting was adjourned at: 8:45 pm
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