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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - October 21st, 2021


  1. Intro
    1. Take Attendance
    2. Cheers:
    3. Previous Minutes:
    4. Financial Projections
  2. Updates on Ongoing Business
    1. Norwich Lease Update
    2. Elections
    3. Maker Faire Milwaukee
      1. Final Tally on Expenses
    4. Membership Signups
    5. Power Wheels
    6. Make48
    7. Space Improvement Day on 10/30
    8. Membership Engagement
      1. Tentatively have Space Trivia night in November
  3. New Business
    1. Make-a-Thon
    2. Marquette SAE Team
    3. Pre-Planned Member Proposals
      1. Jeff M: expansion of ceramics area
      2. Jake B: creation of neon tube bending area
    4. Member Topics
      1. Open for guests
  4. President's Minute



  • Tim C
  • Chris T
  • Bill R
  • Alden H
  • Jeff M
  • Faith F
  • Marcus S
  • NA
  • Mike T
  • Dan J
  • Tony
  • Charlie
  • Adam


  • This month's libation of choice: George Dickel
  • Provided by: Alden

Previous Minutes

  • Meeting called to order by Tim at: 7:02 PM
  • Last meeting's minutes approved by 7 of 7 Board members

Current Financial Projections

  • Update from Jeff M
  • Membership currently 323 (Maximum was 380); Minimum was ~240 during Covid.
  • Jeff and Tony will meet to discuss balances

Ongoing Business

Norwich Lease

  • Vote Passed 7-0 to sign modified lease for expanded areas
  • Tim C (president) and one supporting board member to sign updated lease


  • Results:
    • President: Tim C re-elected
    • Secretary: Bill R re-elected
    • At-Large: Markus S re-elected

Maker Faire Milwaukee

  • Total Expenditures
    • Power Wheels: $2,500 of $2,500
    • Signage: 0 of $2,500; note: Gearbox to take Ownership of Signage as they paid for it
    • MMS Expenses: $2297.67, plus an expected $500 for the wrap party
    • Total Expenses (estimate): $4,797.67
    • Approved budget was $10,000
  • Maker Faire Wrap Party
    • Saturday, Oct. 23rd at 6pm
    • Faith taking point on decorations
    • Tim taking point on ordering food (Jimmy Johns and sheet cake from Mike T.
    • Set up day of, tear morning after

Power Wheels

  • Moving to Norwich?
    • Discussion has been shelved for 3mo

Make 48

  • Still shelved until they reach out in November

Space Improvement Day

  • Saturday, October 30th
  • Tamales have been ordered, will be delivered to Hapto on 30th @ noon
  • Focus on Norwich
  • Help to have list of projects to be address on a white board by the entrance.

Membership Engagement

  • Proposal by Tim: all new members must attend space improvement day before being allocated storage
    • Encourage new members to interact with current members and the BOD
    • Helps ensure large groups of volunteers
    • Adequate persuasion/reward for volunteerism
    • Will be done on the honor system.
    • If current members want storage space, they must have participated in an SID within the last 2 to 3


  • Vote to change rule to reflect the above proposal
    • Requires alerting the membership
  • Date of Trivia Night
    • November proposed

New Business


  • Will not be held in 2021

Marquette SAE Team

  • Marquette's team does not have a shop after 4pm or on weekends
    • This is when they do most of their work
  • They are seeking ~200+ SQFT of workspace
  • How many students need tool access/training?
  • How many students need shop access?
  • Location Identified: Back corner by welding, where Tom is now
  • Board Discussion:
    • Overall support by the BOD, as this fits well with the MMS mission and vision.
    • Awaiting SAE to provide support from Marquette (e.g. membership fees for 5 to 6 students using power tools (others will be guests), insurance for their area, etc.
    • There members and guests will be expected to participate in SID or other required tasks.

Pre-Planned Membership Proposals

  • Jeff M for expansion of Ceramics Area
    • Requesting 491.5 SQFT of space, or $184.31/mo
    • Proposed Area Map:pottery_area.pdf
    • Proposed Timeline:
      • 4 weeks to move Dan L to another location.
      • 2 weeks to resurface, wash, and epoxy the new area
      • 1 week acquire and erect pallet rack and move/rearrange equipment into new space.
      • Additional work that might have to be done would include electrical drops for new wheels as required. This would not be necessary from the initial plan but be needed as time continues.
  • Board Discussion:
    • General support from BOD. Awaiting discussion with Dan L regarding moving his Space to accommodate expanded ceramics area.
  • Jake B on Neon Sign Area
    • Requesting 72-120 SQFT of space, or $27.00-$45.00
    • Dozens of members have vouched
  • Board Discussion
  • Overall support from the BOD
  • Jake to finalize plan in writing.

Member Topics

  • Open for Guests
    1. Jake: Power tool wall, peg board, and screws/bolts currently against the meeting room wall: move to middle of shop?
      1. General agreement, need additional details on best place to locate. Will pursue after membership participation at SID increases
  1. Mike T will ask St Francis faculty lead for robotics club to participate in upcoming MMS meeting.

President's Minute

  • BoD Dinner Tomorrow
    • Final Headcount: 9 to 11 people
  • Burnout
    • BoD and Area Champions
      • Spend a day at the space on your projects
      • Find additional folks to participate on the Board and other leadership positions.
      • The regulars need to find additional regulars


  • Meeting was adjourned at: 8:45 pm
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