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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - September 16th, 2021


  • Tim C
  • Faith F
  • Marcus S
  • Bill R
  • Chris T
  • Jeff M
  • Alden H
  • NA
  • Dan J
  • Tony
  • David N
  • Dan L
  • Rick B
  • Bob T
  • Charlie P


  • This month's libation of choice: Fernet-Branca
  • Provided by: Bill R


  • Meeting called to order by Tim at: 7:22 PM
  • Last meeting's minutes approved by 7 of 7 Board members

New Business

Norwich lease update

  • See august 7. email 'Updates to MMS Lease'

Current lease 8,864 sq ft for Shop Space

Actually currently occupies: 9,046 sq ft That is an increase of 182sqft, or $68.25 a month

Sarah, Ellen (Laser Champions) and Tom G. propose: 9,260 sq ft That is a Total increase of 396 sq ft, or $148.50 a month

MMS needs to add another 5,000 sq ft to space's general liability policy to cover subletting. The first 5,000 buffer has been allocated already.

This will cost the space $0.01 per sq ft, the space makes $0.04 income per sq ft on the sublets.

This would also be a lease modification, but the sublet lease does not obligate the space to pay for any space not being rented.

Ceramics area requests:

  Pallet racking: $32/month
  Expand to the west wall: for more work space for hand building: $161/month 

Tim will send email to membership to outlining increase lease $ amount to meet current square footage used and increasing liability insurance.


  • Up For Election
    • President (Tim Campbell)
    • Secretary (Bill Reid)
    • At Large (Markus Schneider)
  • Need to send email on October 4th to start nominations for President, Secretary
  • Who to run? Need Two People (can't be up for election or intended to run for position)
    • Faith F and Jeff M will run this election
    • Nominations will be in 3 weeks.

Current Financial Projections

  • Update from Jeff M
  • Membership currently 323 (Maximum was 380); Minimum was ~240 during Covid.
  • Jeff and Tony will meet to discuss balances


  • Tim C to send Faire update email to members.
  • Faith has lead on signage and shirts
  • Event is MASK ONLY (as per MSOE campus protocol). UPDATE: Proof of Vaccination/3-Day-Recent negative COVID test required for participants. Event is still MASK ONLY.
  • Go over slides with Rick, Sarah, and other volunteers
  • Exhibitors and Volunteers must register at Maker Relations Desk with filled out agreement form.

Membership Signups


  • Ensure each person, on each tour, has a sign up sheet. Done! Thank you Bill R
  • Marcus will update WIKI to include new members to “members only” goggle group. Sweep will occur every Tuesday night.

Space Improvement Day

  • Saturday, October 2nd
  • Focus on Norwich

Power Wheels

  • Discussion on relocation to Norwich shelved

President's minute

*MakerSpace engagement

  • Egg drop, Trivia night, other fun member events continue conversation after Maker Faire

* Members construct patio for Norwich? scrap idea or let members lead

  • Change web site to have guests come to appropriate meeting site at ~6;30 to meet members prior to 7 PM meeting start. done, seems to be successful


  • Meeting was adjourned at: 8:05 pm
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