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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - March 15th, 2018

Held at the Milwaukee Makerspace craft lab


  • Pete (Proxy for Steff)
  • Tim
  • Kathy
  • Mat (arrived at 19:11)
  • Steff
  • Adrian
  • Marcin
  • Felicia
  • Amber
  • Tony S.
  • Tony W.
  • Cecile
  • Jon H.
  • Steve P.
  • Tom K.
  • Sean D.
  • Linda
  • Dan J.


  • Meeting called to order by TBD at 19:06

Review and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

  • Previous meeting minutes were approved

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurers Report

  • Find the current treasurer report here.
    • Felicia asked if the higher bill last month was due to more members than ever before. The BOD was unsure of the answer without analyzing the data.

Space Equipment Inventory

  • Previous status
    • Kathy to ask Area Champions to update the Wiki with equipment in their area(s).
  • Update
    • No good progress made. Considering starting a sub-committee.

Building Maintenance/Issues

  • Previous status
    • Light Bulb Replacement with LED
      • Estimated total cost $2,250
      • 20-30% reduction in Electric bill
      • Board Voted Yes (minus Kathy)
  • Update
    • We have installed 323 LED bulbs. (Tom G. noted “If we turned all the lights on we should go from 10Kw to less than 6KW”)
    • Back hallway door near vaults needs a push bar installed.
    • Steve fixed a drawer during the meeting (and was then punched by Felicia)

Reports of Special (Select) Committees

  • No Special Committees for this meeting.

Unfinished Business

Property tax exemption

  • Previous status
    • Found the original letter, must wait to re-apply next year with better evidence.
    • Tom G. will contact our lawyer and try again.
  • Update
    • No update yet.

Camera System

  • Previous status
    • Need another camera vantage point for alley, pointing north
  • Update
    • The alley needs a camera pointing north (about $70 for one camera)
    • The Metal Shop is requesting an upgraded security camera (about $70 for one camera)
    • The Metal Finishing Area is requesting a security camera (about $70 for one camera)
    • Vote to approve up to $250 for four new cameras:
      • YES: Tim, Pete, Steff, Kathy, Mat
      • ABSENT: Adrian, Marcin

Door Monitor System

  • Last Status
    • Dan will buy peepholes (budgeting $100.00 or less)
  • Update
    • Peepholes have been installed (Cost less than $20, Tony W. donated)

New Shelving Plans (Willie's Boat Area & PowerWheels Area)

  • Previous Status
    • 3D printers moved
    • Racking acquired for vault hallway
    • Mat to create a proposal that includes a design and layout that is compliant with building codes
    • Mat will email members and ask for help
  • Update
    • 3D printers have moved
    • Racking is partially set up in vault hallway, David D. and Joe B. will take on completion of the project. Kathy H. wants it completed by the end of SID March 24, 2018.

First Aid Training

  • Previous Status
    • Focus on CPR and first aid training
  • Update
    • Members may be interested in bringing up the AED issue again

Membership Engagement

  • Previous Status
    • Empowering area champions
    • Second newsletter was sent
  • Update
    • No making on SID between noon and 5pm (see vote below)

Member Accountability

  • Last Status
    • What to do about Member accountability
      • Board discussed member behavior accountability.
    • Reinforce to members about unauthorized activities at the space.
  • Update
    • BOD has been trying to remind members about rules, etc.
    • Keep reminding Champions they should not sign tickets for other Areas (only for their own)
    • Still need to update the new ticket/permit PDFs and delete the old ticket/permit PDFs

Maker Faire projects, funding, etc. Review

  • Last Status
    • See survey for responses
    • Having the truck one day earlier would be nice
    • Jake: can more money be budgeted for projects?
      • Proposals need to be submitted for specific requests
  • Update
    • Propose to send an email to members about the yearly Maker Faire Milwaukee funding commitment
    • We should announce and then wait one week to allow members to respond

Possible new fields in Wild Apricot for Vehicle Information

Vault hall member storage abuse

  • Last Status
    • Need to promote members who have had a positive impact on the makerspace
    • Certain member(s) are using it as personal storage and are lapsed
    • Empower facilities director to enforce current storage rules
    • Update the emails for lapsed accounts to include warning about losing storage
    • Kathy H is proposing that vaults have an acceptance criterion and members must submit an application
    • No update or decision, will discuss when Kathy is available
  • Update
    • No update

New Business

  • Anodizing proposal
    • Kathy Cannistra sent an email on February 15th proposing to put the anodizing station in the vault hallways in the area where to grill currently is. Venting options would be out the door, through a new wall hole or tubed through to the paint room fan.
    • To be discussed at next BOD meeting (in April)
  • Expanding the paint room
    • Kathy Cannistra sent an email on February 15th proposing that we start considering how the paint room could be expanded. Air quality in the east room can be compromised when big items or large quantities of items can't fit in the paint room. This was extremely noticeable the month before Christmas when a lot stuff was being made and coated with solvent-based products. I propose we start considering how the paint room could be expanded in the near future for both easier painting and fiberglass work.
    • To be discussed at next BOD meeting
    • Update
    • Steve shared his plans during the meeting
    • BOD asked Steve for a proposal including a budget
    • Note: Brant is the current Paint Room Area Champion and would need to endorse the proposal
  • Too Many Non-functioning 3D Printers?
    • Felicia questioned all the non-working printers. Discussed briefly with Mark R.
  • No Making from noon to 5pm on SID (which is 1pm to 4pm)
    • 5 votes YES to approve
    • Adrian and Marcin were absent
  • BOD Proposal Form
    • BOD discussed a proposal form that members would fill out when making any requests for the BOD
    • BOD will move forward exploring use of the form
    • Mat will work with Kyle on moving the form to the MMS Google Drive


  • None


  • Meeting was adjourned at 20:32
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