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Board Meeting Agenda for September 18th, 2014

Meeting Time: 7pm
Location: Lenox

  • 5 minute time limit per highest-level bullet point.
  • All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.
  1. Legal/Financial:
    1. Treasurer's Report (JoeR)
    2. Sponsor Maker Faire (contingent on member feedback from survey results)
  2. Policies and Procedures:
    1. Mission Statement (all)
      1. How close are we to being done?
      2. If ready, vote to approve?
    2. By-Laws Revisions (Dan,Brant)
      1. Done, we have a secretary now.
      2. Does anybody want to volunteer for a second round of revisions?
    3. Member Survey
      1. Results are in
  3. Check on progress of Building Topics/Projects:
    1. Storage policy revisions
    2. Vault Hallway is clean
    3. How are we doing on moving people out of east room, implementing rate increases?
  4. Check on progress of Member Projects:
    1. 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter (JoeR)
    2. 4×8 CNC Router (SteveP)
    3. Jeweler's Table (JonH)
    4. Metal Finishing Area (BillW)
    5. Cube 3D Printer?
  5. New equipment/donations:
    1. New wood lathe in woodshop.
      1. A lathe that is not broken for a change.
  6. Events:
    1. Doors Open (Brant)
    2. Maker Faire
  7. Any topics from members who are present
    1. RAPreston contacted the Board with regards to posting space rules/guidelines in Entryway
    2. RAPreston contacted the Board with regards to using Google Calendars to manage timeslot reservation on heavily used equipment (eg laser cutters).
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