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Board Meeting Agenda for January 17, 2013

Meeting Time: 7pm Location: Lenox

Suggestion 1: 10 minute time limit per highest-level bullet point.

Suggestion 2: All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.

  • Update from Tom on building and Occupancy Permit (added by Brant, Kevin)
  • Update from Brent and Shop Leaders/Champions (added by Brant)
    • What do we do about power wheels? They are taking up a lot of space. There are 7 of them. (added by Adam)
    • The East Room has seen no progress in weeks. Can we fix that? What can be thrown away/scrapped? (added by Adam)
  • Update from Jason, latest Treasurer's Report (added by Brant)
  • Update on non-stock corporation & Space Federation status (added by Pete)
  • Update from Kevin on stickers (added by Kevin)
  • Update from JasonH on business cards (added by Kevin)
  • Update on Internet service (added by Pete)
  • Insurance (for the Board, the building, and liability) (added by Brant, Pete, Kevin)
  • Vote on commerce policy (5% rule) (added by Adam)
  • Need to finalize details for lease
  • Let's plan some parties!
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