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 +====== Board Meeting Minutes for November 29, 2012 ======
 +Meeting Time: 7pm
 +Location: Lenox
 +  - The Board voted and approved joining the Space Federation.
 +  - Lenox rental/​storage space items voted and approved:
 +     - Full-time members receive free storage space equivalent to one pallet
 +     - Part-time members receive free storage space equivalent to one half pallet
 +     - Additional storage space can be purchased at $0.50/​sq.ft. in 10x10 squares
 +     - Storage can take the form of carts, pallets, shelving.
 +     - Vaults will be available at a rate of $1/sq.ft. (rounded to nearest $10)
 +     - Vaults will be first come, first serve.
 +     - If more than one member wants a particular vault, we’ll deal with it if that happens.
 +  - Lease items were discussed:
 +     - Brant let Tom and Jason know 11/29/2012 via email that MMS received an electric/​gas bill for $750; lighting is probably the biggest factor.
 +     - The Board and those present discussed who should be responsible for utilities prior to MMS taking occupancy as it had not yet been considered before today.
 +     - After a few minutes discussing the upcoming move and its budget, the conversation was deferred to a later time.
 +  - Construction update:
 +     - Tom and Dennis met with the builder 11/29/2012, they are negotiating the budget
 +     - Plans will be issued to the City for permitting on Monday, expected to go quickly
 +     - Construction likely to start Dec. 8, 2012 and be complete in less than 8 days
 +     - The Space Planning/​Programming effort will be led by the Operations Director
 +     - Interested parties will be encouraged
 +     - The Board is not interested in making strict rules or deciding minute details
 ====== Board Meeting Agenda for November 29, 2012 ====== ====== Board Meeting Agenda for November 29, 2012 ======
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