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Board Meeting Minutes for November 29, 2012

Meeting Time: 7pm Location: Lenox

  1. The Board voted and approved joining the Space Federation.
  2. Lenox rental/storage space items voted and approved:
    1. Full-time members receive free storage space equivalent to one pallet
    2. Part-time members receive free storage space equivalent to one half pallet
    3. Additional storage space can be purchased at $0.50/sq.ft. in 10×10 squares
    4. Storage can take the form of carts, pallets, shelving.
    5. Vaults will be available at a rate of $1/sq.ft. (rounded to nearest $10)
    6. Vaults will be first come, first serve.
    7. If more than one member wants a particular vault, we’ll deal with it if that happens.
  3. Lease items were discussed:
    1. Brant let Tom and Jason know 11/29/2012 via email that MMS received an electric/gas bill for $750; lighting is probably the biggest factor.
    2. The Board and those present discussed who should be responsible for utilities prior to MMS taking occupancy as it had not yet been considered before today.
    3. After a few minutes discussing the upcoming move and its budget, the conversation was deferred to a later time.
  4. Construction update:
    1. Tom and Dennis met with the builder 11/29/2012, they are negotiating the budget
    2. Plans will be issued to the City for permitting on Monday, expected to go quickly
    3. Construction likely to start Dec. 8, 2012 and be complete in less than 8 days
    4. The Space Planning/Programming effort will be led by the Operations Director
    5. Interested parties will be encouraged
    6. The Board is not interested in making strict rules or deciding minute details

Board Meeting Agenda for November 29, 2012

Meeting Time: 7pm

Suggestion 1: 10 minute time limit per numerical bullet item

Suggestion 2: All members are welcome to attend, and Non-board members can join the conversation when invited.

Location: Lenox

  1. We have contacted 88.9 to inquire about underwriting. Rates are cheaper for nonprofits. A face to face meeting has been set up.
  2. Order more Business cards (or stickers)
    1. How Many?
    2. Who want's em? (general space cards, and also some board cards?)
    3. Which design, Who will order them, and when?
      1. I'd propose getting some of the black & yellow “grunge” design Shane did. — Pete
  3. Garbage Pickup Service Decision: Brant
  4. Internet Connection update?
    1. who is in charge of this?
    2. When will the service start
    3. how much is reasonable to spend?
    4. If we join the Space Federation can we get discounted service?
  5. Organizational changes (non-stock corp, Space Fed membership, etc.)
    1. The role of Communications Director
    2. The role of President
    3. Weekly “Board Reports” for Members at Tuesday Meetings
      1. Who will do this?
    4. Forming committees and special interest groups
    5. The big vote! and timeline estimation.
      1. Who will be listed as members of our non-stock corp?
  6. Membership Software and data entry update
  7. Document / Signup process cleanup
  8. Rental Space/Member Storage
    1. Determine how much storage is free for full and part time members
      1. How to record which types of storage each member has
      2. How to label all the storage areas (pallet, square, shelf, vault)
        1. Use laser cut tags / signs
        2. or, Use the parking ticket system that Brant was suggesting
    2. Are there different space rental prices for full or part time members?
      1. A discount in storage price for full time members may encourage full time membership (and hence more making!)
    3. Cost per square foot for 'squares' or areas w/o walls
      1. Does this include extra pallet storage? - (4'*3.3'=13.3 sq')
      2. How and where to keep track of non-standard square pricing and physical location (i.e. with a map hung in the office)
    4. Cost per square foot for vaults
    5. How to prevent spread of materials out of 'squares'
      1. One-third height cube walls could work, but may be anti-community, as they look like walls.
    6. How to mark the 'squares' on the floor in a reconfigurable way
    7. Will all squares be located in one room, and the other remain empty?
  9. Review Lease Terms
    1. Who can sign, and when must it be signed?
    2. Is rent negotiable? Our members have worked hundreds of hours preparing the building (That we don't own).
    3. Are we responsible for the old pipes, etc?
    4. Is a security deposit really necessary?
  10. Make a list of expenses our move-in and set up incur
    1. Floor Paint? Grinder rental?
    2. Electrical?
    3. Kitchen building?
    4. Building Signage
    5. What else?
  11. Floor sealing plan/budget/approval
  12. Update on checklist and timeline of items to complete before the move to Lenox
  13. Floorplan decisions:
    1. Is the Office to remain an office?
    2. pallet rack quantity and location to allows forklift access w/o huge waste of space
    3. member storage shelving location
    4. Will we build many uniform looking storage shelves?
      1. Who will design them?
    5. laser cutter location
    6. Kitchen
    7. Paintbooth?
    8. Will one 4000 sq foot room be empty?
    9. New furniture / chairs / couches
      1. Will we bring all of our junky tables and filthy chairs?
      2. Where could we get non-filthy ones from?
    10. Will we build many work benches?
      1. Who will design them?
      2. How large will they be?
      3. How many do we need?
      4. Where will they be located?
  14. Should we wait until occupancy permit to move any “storage” items?
    1. Good idea in case the move in date slides out two months (again)
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