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Hello Makers!

We are settling in very nicely into our new location and gaining new members at an exciting rate. Its time we tried to have a social get together so we can all meet each other. Makerspace is a community, so lets celebrate with some grub! Feel free to bring a guest or two.

SATURDAY MARCH 9th, 2013 - 5pm-8pm Milwaukee Makerspace

What are you bringing to the Pot Luck?

(Note that as of 2013-02-28 we do not have an oven. We do have a microwave oven, a charcoal grill(?), and plenty of outlets for crock pots, etc.)

Please list your name with the item.

  • Sandwich platters from Jimmy John's (MMS, donations)
  • AdamC: Something good.
  • KevinB: Something even better!
  • Pete: An Edible Robot (R2-series astromech droid).
  • Jane: bottle of sweet white wine and a veggie tray
  • Vishal: Chips and Dip and Booze
  • Lance&Lexie: Faux-Dough & Animal Crackers (snack)
  • Brant: Plates, napkins, plastic utensils, etc.
  • Tom G: BBQ Meatballs
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