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Please help me organize the topics for our year in review blog post.

I'll cover basic stuff like the membership growth and some basic intro stuff.

Which projects and blog posts should we feature in this post? Here is the list so far (edit as you see fit).

  • Grand Opening Party
  • Power Wheels
  • Ben's Car
  • Gallery Night
  • Ron's Space Chair
    • My computer case was less spectacular, but I think it was our first project that was featured on MAKE and Hack-a-Day. I'm not sure if the blog post was transferred from the old website.
  • Make: Live
  • Keg
  • Launching of new web site
  • Addition of the wiki
  • Made in Milwaukee
  • Holiday Make-A-Thon
  • Maker Faires we attended
  • The forge
  • Spincasting
  • Parade(s)?
  • Giant Jacks/fun run thing
  • How many times Pete was featured on the Make Flicker Pool Weekly Roundup
  • How many projects got featured on the Make: blog
  • GyroBelt
  • Learn-to-solder kit
  • BarCamp? (learn to solder, CNC session, makerspace tour, sponsorship, etc)
  • New equipment acquired
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