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Be Excellent to the 'Space

These are projects that need to be done around the space for the benefit of the space. If you want to help out on a project dig right in, if you need guidance ask a board member, if you want help with a project post to the group and see who wants to help.

Once you start working on a project put your name after it. Once you finish a project move it down to the finished list so people know who to thank.

Current To Do List

Punch List for Sat June 29, 2019

  1. First thing - Vacuum cafe area and meeting room.
  2. Second thing - Sanitize cafe tables and meeting room tables. These need to be done before the food or any snacks are set up.
  3. Empty the vacuum cleaners as well as the floor sweeper in the main alley entrance. (It's a dusty maroon color)
  4. Clean out the Toaster, Toaster Oven, and Microwave as needed.
  5. SUPERIMPORTANT: Clean out the ceiling ventilation filter in the Woodshop.
  6. More work needed on the compressed air dryer (See Markus or Tom G.)
  7. Help move contents of shelf VB304 in the vault hallway to the Impound Lot
  8. Revamp the Cafe area floor. (See Kyle)
  9. Determine if the chairs in craft lab hallway are worth cleaning and putting at the front desk.
  10. Clean the Paint Room, Sweep the floor, Empty the trash, Tidy up, Make sure there are enough newspapers for members to use.
  11. Scrub the sinks in the mud room.
  12. Wipe down the easels in the craft lab that will be used for painting classes. Make sure each is functional.
  13. If the grill is used during SID assign someone to clean it at the end of the day.(See instructions below)
  14. See if there are enough trash bags in the green supply cabinet by the men's room. If not enough, buy more now.
  15. Inventory storage, find lapsed storage still in use (Ongoing for Facilities Director)
  16. Monthly life-safety inspections checklist (and update the page here)← The highlighted pdf. is found here as well.
  17. Check and restock first-aid kits, (and update the page here)
  18. Disseminate contents of Impound Lot IF needed.(Facilities Director)
  19. Vacuum Cafe area at the end of the day after the feast.
  20. Red ticket abandoned projects in East Room.
  21. Check paper towel stock
  22. Check soap dispensers for bacterial growth, clean them with bleach water if necessary, and fill them with soap solution.
  23. Sort through tall storage
  24. Make sure parking permit/ticket holders are sufficiently stocked. See IT Tony for more permits/tickets.
  25. Clean out vacuum cleaner filters
  26. Finish Milwaukee Tools Cabinet
  27. Organize and downsize the books in the library and determine what books can be tossed. (Need a long term member and a newer member for this job.)
  28. Bring in the large bookcase from next to the Dalek area and replace two smaller bookcases with it after the library has been sorted and downsized.
  29. Paint wall in Lobby area. (Project on hold)
  30. See if any of the following need replacing →→→→→
  31. Replace wash sink water filters (and update the page here)
  32. Replace furnace filters if needed (and update the page here)
  33. Replace wood shop air filters (ongoing)

Standing To-Do/Cleanup Day Items


  1. Sharpen and Sort Drill Bits in Metal Shop (Also check with Woodshop Champion)
  2. Replace burned out bulbs
  3. Wash off meeting room tables
  4. Clean up cigarette butts in the alley and by the southwest door. (SHB done by smoking members)
  5. Vacuum carpeted areas
  6. Organize Hack Racks
  7. Sweep Hallway adjacent to Cosplay room
  8. Sweep Vault Hallway
  9. Sweep East Room and West Room
  10. Clean bathrooms
  11. Inventory member storage against a printout of the wiki, then crosscheck that with active member list (Board member needed for this) so we can clear off empty spaces. (Ongoing by Kathy H.)

Cleaning the Grill

When you've finished using the grill heat it up to burn off the crud. Once the remains are burnt to ash use a grill brush to remove the remaining bits. Turn the grill to medium heat and apply vegetable oil to the grates. Let the grill cool down completely before putting on the fabric cover.

At the end of grilling season view this video for a thorough cleaning of the grill.

Quick and/or Easy Tasks

Electronics lab

  1. Re-align the resistor/capacitor boxes
  2. Make the soldering table look like the photo on the wall above it
  3. Sort hanging multimeter leads
  4. Sort tools hanging on the wall

3D Printing

  1. Put tools away in the tray above SoM or on the wire shelf
  2. Clean off bits of filament from inside / under the printers
  3. Put the spools back in the proper container
  4. Wipe off the desks
  5. Sweep the floor


  1. Empty vacuum cleaners and clean the filter
  2. Clean table surfaces
  3. Sort screws in the screw bins by the metalshop
  4. Sort drill bits in the metal shop
  5. Coil up loose cables and hoses
  6. Use the push sweeper in the east and west room
  7. Replace paper towel rolls
  8. Place ryobi batteries in charger
  9. Collect measuring tapes from around the space and put them back in the bin to the left of the wood shop
  10. Check parking permits for expiration and write “Ticket” on the ones that are expired
  11. Add parking tickets to obviously out-of-place items
  12. Move items/carts/tables out of aisles
  13. Make sure the emergency phones are plugged in, charging, and operational


  1. Several pages on our website receive an relatively large amount of traffic, but are not updated
    1. Update photos HERE with new ones already taken and on Makervault
    2. Take photos from existing blog posts, and add them to the gallery here HERE
  2. Make a blog post about your recent project!


  1. Alley lights - Need volunteers, See Tom G.
  2. Parking sign for Building - electronic (still desired?)
  3. Finish the exterior south east entrance (vault hall). The ceiling panels door need to be caulked and painted. (See Tom G.)
  4. Paint new brick work outside the building by the welding and paint booth vents. Need to find out from Tom G. what and where.
  5. Repair broken bricks & tuckpointing around the outside of the building.


  1. Air compressor drain system - connect the dryer drain to the big tank. (Has this been done?)
  2. Automatic gas control for the TIG welder and reminder light that the gas is still on for both welders - See Tom G.
  3. Get an ice maker working in one of the refrigerators (kegerator has one)
  4. Re-stripe the exit aisles - add some diagonal stripes so people know what part is aisle.
  5. Paint new brick work inside the vault hall
  6. Replace steel floor plates covering holes, or Flatten and weld reinforcements on them so they won't bend if the forklift drives over them - Dan J.

Laser Lab

  1. Vacuum inside cutters
  2. Clean all lenses and mirrors
  3. Clean and graphite Z-axis elevator screws
  4. Organize scrap materials, throw away silly (e.g. tiny and/or unusable) pieces

Completed Projects

  1. - Add Electrical outlet in the cafe area. Mike Tarnowski
  2. - Design and build a bigger, better vault key box for the server room. Completed by Markus.
  3. - Paint the lettering on the big First Aid cabinet in the mud room RED. (Kathy Hughett)
  4. - Clean graffiti off of external East Wall. We were notified by Neighborhood services on 3/27/2019. Graffiti was removed by Neighborhood Services
  5. - Rearrange space in Metal shop to make room for the new Tormach.
  6. - Access control system at Vault entrance - Dan J.
  7. - Install handle on exterior door of vault hallway.
  8. - Organize the paint room shelves. Dust off cans. Done by Marie Gentil.
  9. - Anchor the crane in the metal shop. (5/8 wedge anchors at least 2-3/4 deep. see Markus)
  10. - Clean and repair new used grill. (Done by Dan Luglio)
  11. - Move Punch Press to leather working Area.
  12. - Install the Milwaukee Tool fob cabinets in the metal Shop. See Markus.
  13. - Build a large rolling island with cabinets below for storage (Tom Gondek)
  14. - Craft Lab: - Organize scrap materials, throw away silly (e.g. tiny and/or unusable) pieces, Organize and evaluate supplies with Make-a-thon in mind.
  15. Cut off the ends sticking out from the gray rolling stairs. (see Markus)
  16. Reinforce Tall storage. The storage needs to be emptied then see Markus
  17. Check and fix/get a new toilet seat for the far mens room toilet see Tony W.
  18. Install suspended electrical hookup above craft lab table. (Colleen and Markus)
  19. Tear apart green particle board cart in front of pallet racks that used to belong to Marc Ownley.
  20. Remove fluorescent lights in vault hallway in spaces VA103 & VA104. (brought in by Matt Melk).
  21. Build a box for Charcoal filters for the laser cutter exhaust system.Completed by Markus, Tony W., Brant
  22. Replace the ceiling tiles in the vault hallway Tom G.
  23. Signage for tall storage. Kathy H.
  24. The Tall storage needs to be gone through and the items with expired parking permits beyond two weeks time need to be moved to the impound lot.(Wolfgang and Alex G.)
  25. Put long folding tables on cart on top of pallet racks on south end. Power wheels car with horse needs to get moved to a single open spot.
  26. Sort and recycle metals No one to help and gaylord became dumping place for e-waste
  27. Install wiring for new kiln in ceramics area. Tom G., Shane, Tony, Jeff
  28. INSTALL PRESSBAR ON SOUTHWEST DOOR to disable unlocking mechanism. Whoever does this gets to be first in line for food. This was done by Billy and Tom K.
  29. Clean Up and organize the Cafe' shelves after March SID. Heidi Z. & Colleen L.
  30. Paint Room Demo & Redo (Brant H. & Tom Gr.)
  31. Put edging around large table in Craft Lab. (Colleen)
  32. Complete the plumbing for sink in men's room.Do we need a professional plumber(Wolfgang did the spackling, Kyle installed the sink, unsure of who did the plumbing.)
  33. Complete new storage plan. Finished by David Draeger and a team of members
  34. Outlet for the pinball machine and door bell - get rid of the extension cords Tom G.
  35. Install new Wood shop dust collection system. (Done in 2017)
  36. Remove the old buckets of Silk screening paint. Tony & Kyle did this.
  37. Clean and organize top shelf of hardware bins in Metal Shop.(Started by Rik S.)
  38. Network cables run to New 3D Lab (Completed by Tony W., Marcin, Mark, Eric)
  39. 3D Printing moves to Willies old boat area.
  40. Black Shelves from Ladies coat room goes into old 3D area.
  41. White shelves from Cooties room go into Ladies coat room.
  42. Cosplay Group moves into former Cooties room.
  43. Batteries replaced in vault hallway thermostat (Steve Pilon 11/11/17)
  44. Install awnings over the outside doors. (Rik Stardy, Marcin Polewski, Steffanie Maher, and Dan Jonke. Completed 11/5/2017
  45. Replace Batteries in some of the clocks
  46. Projection system needs a new VGA HDMI
  47. Clear out open area in East Room for Maker Faire projects
  48. Get Impound lot ready for raffle in July. (Photos & numbers)
  49. Install an automatic drain on the big tank.- See Tom G .
  50. Install new water cooler- Timothy Campbell did this!
  51. Permanent charging station for the forklift.
  52. Replace gasket/diaphragm in the self-filling water cooler
  53. Come up with scrap metal bins to hold small pieces so they don't spill everywhere.
  54. Find/make chuck jaws for the Logan lathe, or mount a chuck that has both sets of jaws.
  55. Mount a good grinder in the welding area for sharpening TIG electrodes.
  56. Pinball machine repairs, a never ending project
  57. Mount 911 phones by exit doors - See Adrian
  58. Remove manual lock/unlock from alley doors
  59. Fix numeric pad on Door 1 - Royce did this!
  60. Level CNC plasma table - Marc and helpers did this!
  61. Install new pallet racking for member storage shelves - Lots of people helped with this
  62. Make “Park on SAME/OPPOSITE” signs for posting outside on meeting nights - Keith did this
  63. FIX FLASHING - Rick did this!
  64. Check on auto-filling water cooler leak
  65. Remove large format printer
  66. Reorganize the area around the vacuum former, to allow it to be used
  67. Mount the cork board by the desk in the lobby
  68. Some attention should be paid to the small sand blaster window, to see if we can make it more usable
  69. Power column for the conference table in the meeting room - See Tom G. and Adrian V.
  70. SMD rack - make a new rack to hold the SMD component reels, label the strips coming out and capture them so they don't unreel.
  71. Swap out the computers in the Laser cutter room for the dual core machines next to the mini CNC router.
  72. Do something with the VLAT.
  73. Remove the old heater above the back hall from the craft shop so we can hang new lights
  74. Hang new lights in the craft shop hall.
  75. Move the exhaust fan for the laser cutters and duct it.
  76. Gas line for the forge and furnace - Tom, Dan J.
  77. Outlets on the columns in the East room - Tom
  78. Paint exterior door frames where the new doors were installed. Caulk when done. - Dan J., ?
  79. Door stop bollards - mount the big yellow posts to keep the alley doors from swinging too far. - Ed, ?
  80. Mount the curb blocks - drill some holes and pound rods to keep the curb blocks from moving. - Made redundant by bollard installation.
  81. Hang speakers in West Room - Kevin B., Dan J.
  82. Add more tool pegboard in the wood shop and move wood shop tools and half of the duplicate tools from the main pegboard. - Vishal, ChrisH, JimR, others
  83. Power the dust collector in the wood shop - Tom G
  84. Install Air Lines - Joe R. and Chris H.
  85. Clean out Vault 1 and make rentable - Tiffany, Sean
  86. Organize plotters and screen printing and pottery areas - SteveP, Brant, Pete, DL, others
  87. Move shelving into vault hallway - Tiffany, Sean, Brant, etc.
  88. Find a home for the bar - Meh, good enough for now
  89. Hang mirror over wash sink - Brant
  90. Replace the light socket on the vertical band saw.
  91. Fix the 25W laser - find out if its the tube or the power supply.
  92. Power up the 3 headed drill press (only 2 heads left)
  93. Tool pegboard - make something to hold pliers and Allen keys better.
  94. Wash the carpet - try to get out some of the water stains.
  95. PA system/phones - Chris H. (done)
  96. 'No paper towels in toilets' sign or stencil for bathrooms - Brant, low priority
  97. Wire Speakers in West Room - Kevin B., Dan J. (some wired up)
  • Permanent wiring for the Red Dragon - #6 wire and conduit to a panel with open breakers - Tom G.
  • Permanent air lines for the red dragon - flex air lines - See Tom G>

* Install the doors with windows: 2 in the south wall of the electronics lab and one between the east room and vestibule.

  1. Exhaust fan and hood for the pottery area - See Tom G. or Brant H.
  2. Fix the broken toilet seat in the men's room.
  3. Build “Third Wall” in the Impound Lot. (See Kathryn for Instructions)
  4. Deal with trip hazard by pinball machine (See Markus for details.)
  5. Install additional security cameras if necessary.
  6. Look at electric strikeplate on the front door. Repair and/or order replacement (The BOD has already appropriated funds if this is needed)
  7. Fix the louvers on the weld shop fan so they close correctly. - Dan J.

To Do List, abandoned 10/11/13, last updated 08/09/13
To Do List, from moving into Lenox

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