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These are projects that need to be done around the space for the benfit of the space. If you want to help out on a project dig right in, if you need guidence ask Tom Gralewicz, if you want help with a project post to the group and see who wants to help.

Once you start working on a project put your name after it. Once you finish a project move it down to the finished list so people know who to thank.

  • Door stop bollards - mount the big yellow posts to keep the alley doors from swinging too far. Check with Tom Gralewicz for positioning. We have the tools and bolts at the space.
  • Mount the curb blocks - drill some holes and pound rods to keep the curb blocks from moving.
  • Replace the light socket on the vertical band saw.
  • Fix the 25W laser - find out if its the tube or the power supply.
  • SMD rack - make a new rack to hold the SMD component reels, label the strips coming out and capture them so they don't unreel.
  • Install the doors with windows: 2 in the south wall of the electronics lab and one between the east room and vestibule.
  • Build the chem lab floor - it needs a raised floor so we can run drains and put a sink anywhere in the room and a sink in the dark room
  • Install a sink in the chem lab
  • Install a sink in the dark room
  • Paint exterior door frames where the new doors were installed. Caulk when done.
  • Finish the exterior south east entrance (vault hall). The ceiling panels door need to be caulked and painted.
  • Power the dust collector in the wood shop - Tom Gralewicz
  • Remove the old heater above the back hall from the craft shop so we can hang new lights
  • Hang new lights in the craft shop hall.
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