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Impound Lot Log

Date Impounded Location Found Items Owner, if known Outcome
2015-02-14 Shelf, GA404 metalworking, jewelry tools, sketch books Ethan Anderson Pending
2015-02-14 File cabinet, East Room Unknown, locked n/a Pending
2015-02-12 Shelf, GA304 acrylic sheets, wood sheets Tom Murphy Pending
2015-02-12 Shelf, GA305 copper PCB sheets, vacuum bed, magnets Tom Gondek Pending
2015-02-12 Leaning against GA305 two metal bed frame parts Kulaga/Goldenberg Pending
2015-02-06 Shelf, GB304 computer joystick Kedar Pending
2015-02-06 Shelf, GB203 wood slices Jerod Freitag Unknown, Jim R. may have spoken with Jerod
2015-02-05 Shelf, GA401 model train stuff Michael Leggett Pending
2015-02-05 Pallet, PA204 VCR, microscope, etc. Sean Murphy Unknown, its back

*Photos have been posted to the member's only Google Group

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