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Impound Lot Log

Date Impounded Location Found Items Owner, if known Outcome

*Photos have been posted to the member's only Google Group

Lottery Winners

Impound Lot Raffle/Lottery

Raffle/Lottery box is located on the table in the impound lot.

  1. Items up for disposal will be given to the appropriate areas for community use, first right of refusal.
  2. Remaining items will be raffled off the last weekend of the month.(Space Improvement Day)
  3. Each lot will be raffled off in its entirety. (All or Nothing, no cherry picking)
  4. Each lot to be raffled will be labeled with a number.
  5. Print your name, contact email and the lot number you are interested in on a piece of paper and place it in the raffle box.
    • information must be legible, print neatly. if it can not be read, another name will be drawn.
  6. You do not need to be present at the time f the drawing.
  7. A green parking ticket for 24 hours will be placed on won items.
    • These items will not be given the grace periods that parking tickets provide.
    • The objective is to have the items taken care of. Not to find their way back to the impound lot.
  8. All items must be removed prior to the following Tuesday meeting.
    • Any remaining items will be donated, recycled or thrown away as appropriate on Tuesday.
  9. Anyone repeatedly (3x) leaving won items for disposal on Tuesday will be ineligible for future raffles.
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