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East Room Center Aisle Storage Shelving

  • Tan Shelve on West Side
  • Free Shelving for primary storage (or $4.00 if additional storage)
  • Members are welcome to update this wiki page as needed
  • Version control will be used to review changes as needed

GD - Center Aisle West Side

Top of shelf

xxx01 xxx02 xxx03 xxx04 xxx05 xxx06 xxx07 xxx08 xxx09 xx10
GD4xx A.Tremel N/A N/A N/A N/A J.Rolefson N/A N/A N/A N/A
GD3xx C.Stevens R.Preston M.Markes R.Desjardin EMPTY T.Phillips C.Hege Pete Hill EMPTY K.Jackson
GD2xx E.Ferree A. Krill D.Draeger S.Maher S.Frey L.Calderone(Garcia) B. Kammerman R.Rockefeller R.Mitchel A.Joling
GD1xx Joe Cofta N/A T.Sniegowski T.Sniegowski S.Birkholz EMPTY T.Campbell F.Wild D.Dricken S.Gutschow

Bottom of shelf

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