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Meeting Room Storage fka 3D Printing Area & Cosplay Room (Free or $4.00 add-on)

  • Free Shelving for primary storage or $4.00 if additional storage)
  • Members are welcome to update this wiki page as needed
  • Version control will be used to review changes as needed

CA & CB are in the Meeting Room (East End) CC & CD are in the Cosplay Room

Top of shelves

CAxxx CBxxx CCxxx CDxxx
xx500 EMPTY S.Davitt Cosplay MMS Ceiling Fans
xx400 EMPTY G.Wiens-Kind Cosplay Cosplay
xx300 EMPTY A.Jacobi Cosplay Cosplay
xx200 R.Goetz EMPTY Cosplay D.Draheim
xx100 EMPTY R.Hafeman Cosplay D.Draheim

Bottom of shelves

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