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Wraparound Milwaukee Art Installation

In March 2012 Jason H. introduced the group to Jessica Zoch from Wraparound Milwaukee. Wraparound Milwaukee is a unique type of managed care program operated by the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division that is designed to provide comprehensive, individualized and cost effective care to children with complex mental health and emotional needs.

They were in the planning stages to host their Third Annual Talent Show. Jessica asked us to help create a sculpture in place of the old fountain in front of the building. Concept renderings were passed around and the sculpture looked to be several multi-colored cubes that spin on axles to create larger shape. We ended up making the cubes, and the kids at Wraparound Milwaukee ended up painting them.

Press Release

Wraparound Milwaukee Hosts Youth Council Talent Show

County Program Exhibits New Sculpture and Youth Performances

Milwaukee, Wisc. May 16, 2012 – Wraparound Milwaukee, a nationally recognized children’s mental health program operated by the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, hosts the Youth Council Talent Show and new public art exhibition at 9201 W. Watertown Plank Road on May 23, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.

The Wraparound Milwaukee Youth Council Talent Show will feature over 20 performances by Milwaukee county youth enrolled in the program. The performances will include singing, self-choreographed dances, and poetry readings. In addition, there will be an art show, gallery and silent auction. The evening will include the official public opening of “The Block”, a work of public art that was hand-constructed by over 50 local youth.

The sculpture will be on permanent display outside of the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division. The public work is meant to be interactive as it is made of 170 individual hand-painted blocks that rotate to display four unique patterns. Over 50 children from the program worked for three months to construct the individual blocks. The sculpture was designed by local architect Alison Carlucci, Wraparound Care Coordinator Shannon Smith and Wraparound Supervisor Jessica Zoch and assembled by Jason Hilleshiem and Rich Neubauer of the Milwaukee Makerspace (

“The talent show aims to highlight the strengths and positive attributes of these young people’s lives who are dealing with emotional and mental health challenges”, explained Jessica Zoch, Wraparound Supervisor and Willowglen Community Care. “The sculpture allows the good-feelings created by the talent show to be present in the kids’ lives on a daily basis. Each individual block represents the beauty of each child and when they are assembled together, the impact of their collective and collaborative presence is profound.”

The county’s Wraparound Milwaukee program is designed to provide comprehensive, individualized and cost effective care to children with complex mental health and emotional needs. Recently recognized as a best Innovation in American Government, Wraparound Milwaukee serves families living in Milwaukee County who have a child who has serious emotional or mental health needs and is at immediate risk of placement in a residential treatment center, juvenile correctional facility or psychiatric hospital.

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