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 ===== Updates ===== ===== Updates =====
-=== 2012/07/10 10:42 === +10/2/17
-The Digital Dentist has taken quite a lead with this project and scrounged up parts to build a basic frame and put part of an old CNC machine on it.  --- //​[[members:​peteprodoehl|Pete Prodoehl]]//+
-{{:​projects:​img_8265_crop.jpg?400|}}+UMMD is fully functional (except the enclosure heater) and was displayed and operational at the Milwaukee Maker Faire last week.
-=== 2012/07/06 08:49 === +Here's UMMD along side Son of MegaMax
-I can donate a QU-BD 1.75mm extruder to this project. It will need a Nema 17 motor though. --- // [[members:​peteprodoehl|Pete Prodoehl]] //+
 +Here's some of that sweet UV illumination
 +Video here:
 +[[https://​​235837261|UMMD prints a small vase using fluorescent green TPU]]
 +[[https://​​236103585|UMMD prints a 500 mm tall lamp shade]]
 ===== Get Involved ===== ===== Get Involved =====
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