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Safety Lock-Out Tags

The Need

  • Not always clear when a tool or machine is broken.
  • Paper is too easily damaged or torn to use in our 'Space.
  • Different people use different methods to indicate when something is in disrepair or broken.
  • Make things safer.


  • Durable, hexagon-shaped red plastic tags (I apparently forgot how many sides a stop sign has, oh well!)
  • Large white text reads: “STOP NEEDS REPAIR”
  • Includes a hole for easy fastening/zip-tieing to equipment
  • Cut/engraved on the Laser Cutter (25 watt)
  • Blue Painter's Tape worked great as a mask to paint the engraved letters.
  • The font used is USAAF-STENCIL and is installed on some of the computers in the 'Space including “Bob”

Blog Posts


  • False Start 02/10/2012
  • Started 06/28/2012
  • Finished 07/03/2012

Project Members

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