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 ====== 1961 Spanamerica Runabout ====== ====== 1961 Spanamerica Runabout ======
-Details coming soon... +runabout projects in various stages of design and completion:
 +  * Sanding/​striping the red paint, applying new paint and the various mahogany accents and front deck veneer
 +  * Determining how to floor the boat  I'm leaning toward bamboo for it's resilience to the elements, it's price and it's appearance.  ​
 +  * Working on a design for an automatic cover. ​ option A: cloth on a sliding ​ track with in-track rope or cable to actuate it.  Option B: large u-shaped bar attached amidships on the gunwale ​ (i.e. on the sides) that rotates 180 degrees so that when it is flipped forward, the u-shape wraps around the front of the boat and when it is flipped back the u-shape comes around the back bench seat just in front of the motor. I guess this option B would be akin to a convertible roof of a car.  ANY and all ideas are welcome here.  i still have problems and logistics to resolve with either option.
 +  * working on design of a rain sensor in the form of two non-corrosive,​ conductive metal strips running an 1/8in apart on the front deck that, then bridged with a rain drops, would signal (via arduino) the auto cover to close.
 +  * Unordered List Itema piezo disc mounted underneath the front deck to analog inputs on an arduino to sense sharp knocks (from knuckles) on the fiberglass deck.  3 knocks within ~400ms of each other might signal the cover to close. ​ 2-3-2 combo might unlock the ignition button. ​ its a way of being able to give somebody the keys over the phone.
 +  * Unordered List ItemATV-sized winch wound with nylon strap under the rear deck to tilt the motor because, apparently they didn't have power tilting outboards in the early sixties
 +  * finalize design of wood seats & build 'em
 +  * the usual old 2 stroke engine tune up.
 ===== Project Members ===== ===== Project Members =====
    * [[members:​joebuck|Joe Buck]]    * [[members:​joebuck|Joe Buck]]
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