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reMMinderbot is an attempt at automating reminders and notifications for Milwaukee Makerspace.

Right now there is an email address set up which a member could use to have an automated agent send email from. This email is subscribed to the mailing list, so it can send messages to it for all to see.

(If you want to send emails from this account, please talk to Pete Prodoehl about getting the login info. - Never mind… it's broken. Dan J. said he would fix it up but Pete is way too lazy to pursue that offer.)

Meeting Reminder

Every Tuesday morning reMMinderbot lets us know about the meeting happening that night. It will also tell you which side of the street to park on.

(The script fills in the date for the subject line and the link to the agenda. Currently there is no validation that the link exists, but that could be added, as could pulling the agenda items into the email.)

This is a message from reMMinderbot.

There is a meeting tonight at 7pm.

See the agenda (and add to it) here:

(Please park on the same side of the street from the space)

Thank you!

Builder's Night Out Reminder

reMMinderbot waits until Thursday to tell the list that it's Builder's Night Out. It will also tell you which side of the street to park on.

(Builder's Night Out is our open night, and a chance for non-members to visit the space. Members should encourage others to join them for this weekly event.)

This is a message from reMMinderbot.

Hey humans, it is Thursday! That means “Builder's Night Out” is at 7pm.

You should invite your favorite non-member maker friend to join you for
a night of making or building, or tinkering, or raiding the Hack Rack.

(Please park on the same side of the street from the space)

reMMinderbot thanks you!

Random Wiki Find

On Wednesday reMMinderbot used to remind us about the wiki by giving us a URL to a random page:

This is a message from reMMinderbot.

Here is today's Random Wiki Find:

What, you don't like that one? Find your own!

reMMinderbot signing off! *bloop* *bloop*

DokuWiki lacked a “random page” feature so Pete had to fix the outdated plugin to work just for this.

(This one is disabled for now. It will be replaced with a more useful function.)

Blog Post Reminder

This one runs every day, and it checks when the last blog post was, and if it's been a few days, it asks you to write a new post.

(If all goes well, we should never see this one. If we do see it, it means we aren't writing many blog posts.)

This is a message from reMMinderbot.

Humans! Do you even remember you have a web site!? It's right here:

What, you don't like that one? Find your own!

When's the last time you wrote a post, hmmm?

According to my enormous robot brain it's been 4.36275 days since the last post!

Share the love you filthy humans!

Write about something you did at the space so others can be inspired.

reMMinderbot out! *beep* *beep* *beep*

What Have You Been Hacking/Making

This one runs every Monday, asking members to update the list with things they've been doing.

This is a message from reMMinderbot.

Makers! It's time to share… what have you been hacking on or making?

Reply to this email with a brief run-down of whatever projects have
been keeping you busy, either at the space or elsewhere.

reMMinderbot thanks you!

Space Improvement Day

This one runs on the Wednesday (and Saturday!) before the last Sunday of the month, reminding people about the Space Improvement Day where we clean up and organize things.

This is a message from reMMinderbot.

Join us on Sunday for our monthly Space Improvement Day!

Help the Makerspace be more awesome by cleaning up and
organizing things so we can spend more time making and
less time dealing with clutter.

reMMinderbot thanks you!

Events from the Calendar

Each day this one grabs our calendar feed from Google and finds events taking place, and then let's people know about them. It magically started working one day, and may magically stop working one day. Google is fickle like that.

Fresh from the Milwaukee Makerspace calendar!

Trash Day

Empty the trash cans!

Tue Nov 12 12:00:00 2013 - Tue Nov 12 12:30:00 2013

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