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Raspberry Pi Radio

Problem: We can't get reception for WUWM on the radio upstairs where we live.

Solution: Use a Raspberry Pi to stream it.

I took a Raspberry Pi, added a USB WiFi dongle, and have it set to boot up and start streaming WUWM. It's got a pair of powered computer speakers attached to it for audio output.

It mostly works, though on occasion it stops streaming. A reboot (typically) fixes it, but I'd like to automate the process so it can check for the stream (or audio output?) and reboot itself if it needs to. (Or just restart mpd?)

This page helped me configure my script to run at startup:

Here's my script to stream WUWM:


mpc clear
mpc add
mpc play

You can use other radio stations as well. For 88.9 Radio Milwaukee you'd use this URL:

Below I'll post updates to this project as they happen.

Update: 2013-02-20

Update: 2013-02-10

Update: 2012-12-19

I've been working on adding some podcatching capabilities as well, though I'm stuck at adding the tracks to MPD so the clients can recognize them. I also need a solution to streams that just stop working randomly. A script to check and restart or something.

Update: 2012-10-30

I've got remote clients working now, MPD Web Remote and MPoD as well. The first one works in WebKit browsers, and the second is an iOS client. Since I'm only using one stream right now, they don't do too much, but they may prove useful.

I've also toyed with this stream monitor script to make sure mpd keeps running. I think between this script and the clients mentioned above, I can come up with a solution to make things a little more solid & friendly.

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