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In Progress as of 2014-05-14


We've installed a phone system in the space that will allow people to call from one phone to another, operate as a PA system, and allow outside calling (if so desired.)

Bill of Materials

  • Avaya IP Office 500v2
  • (nn) Avaya SW5601 phones
  • Extreme Networks 24-port 10/100 PoE L2 switch w/2 10/100/1000 uplinks

Project Tasks

  • Finalize network upgrade by…
    • Going to client side of each new drop,
    • Apply cable finder to the jack,
    • Find cable at rack,
    • Terminate cable into patch panel,
    • Apply cable tester to both ends of cable,
    • Repeat for each new network drop.
  • Reinstall phone system in rack
  • Install Extreme network switch in rack
  • Reinstall phones around the space
  • Configure IP Office system to use SIP gateway for oubound 911 calls & inbound voicemail-only calls.

Makerspace Members

  • Chris H.
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