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Milwaukee Makerspace Webcam

The Milwaukee Makerspace Webcam is Time Lapse Bot re-imagined as a webcam for Milwaukee Makerspace.

The Milwaukee Makerspace Webcam uploads a new image every five minutes.

You (and the world) can see it here:

The Milwaukee Makerspace Webcam is mobile, and can be pointed away from any member who does not want to be on camera. It also has a gooseneck that can be moved around to point at specific things.

The software is an older version (3.6.9) of EvoCam. If you want to be trained to use the Milwaukee Makerspace Webcam, talk to Pete.

The Milwaukee Makerspace Webcam often gets “stuck” where it won't upload images. If that happens, reboot it.

Current Status: As of 2020-02-25 it is working, but still gets stuck sometimes and needs a reboot. (See above.)

This is attached to the Milwaukee Makerspace Webcam, it provides info you may want to know.

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