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Milwaukee Makerspace Sensor Array

Summary Status

Right now, we are gathering information about how we can do this.


Overall goal: Build a sensor network into the core of our space. Track temperature, humidity, light levels, motion, network activity, doors, beverages, etc. Once the base solution is in place, Makers will be able to use the specifications to make their own sensors at the 'space. Also, a code library will be made available for people to read data out of the database and create web pages with the data or dump the data into other applications.

The network will have three main pieces:

  1. a central node that all data flows to
  2. sensor nodes that collect data around the 'space. The sensor nodes will have a common wireless radio device to communicate back to the central node.
  3. a database owned by MMS that stores all data long-term


  • Working central node that collects data from sensor nodes and updates a central database
  • At least one working sensor node that actively collects data for one measuring point
  • Specification document relating the technical requirements that must exist in a sensor node to work on the network
  • Central database with tables required to store data collected
  • Specification document relating how to access the data in the database

Sensor Array Network Details

The links below will lead to more details about each of the parts of this solution. We can discuss various solutions and come to an agreement for the version one solution.

Central Node

Sensor Node

Database / Web Tools

The plan is to use MySQL as the database unless the MMS has a database that we can use. The database will have the tables shown below.

  • Location – each room or area would have a record
  • Equipment – The things that contain the measuring points we want to measure. Equipment is installed in a location
  • Measuring point – Something that will be measured on an equipment. There would be one MP for each thing a sensor measures. One sensor could measure more than one thing: temperature, humidity, light levels, etc. Each thing would be a separate MP
  • Measures – store each individual reading for each MP with date and time stamp.

To see the details regarding database and web tools and add comments, click on the sub-page link above.


Project Tasks

Task Status
Task 1 Not started

Progress Log

Getting organized.

Makerspace Members

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