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MMS 3D Printer


Description: When the Makerspace started, Adam's MakerBot CupCake was there for a while, but since it was his personal machine, he eventually took it to his office. Then Drew joined and we had his MakerBot CupCake to use. It was a scrappy little machine, and suited us well. We thank Drew for letting us use it (and abuse it!) for so long. While we do now have a working 3D printer, we also have one that is in progress, slowly being built mainly by The Digital Dentist, though others have also volunteered to help.




The original proposal was to build a Printrbot, or Printrbot LC (since we could easily laser-cut the frame) but we are now leaning heavily towards a frame of 80/20 aluminum extrusion, which we can get locally for very cheap. We've also got a box of “CNC Parts” we can get other pieces from, such as motors, lead screws, belts, pulleys, etc.

We'll need to determine electronics. I've heard good things about the Printrboard from the Printrbot project. A few people have expressed interest in kicking in some cash, so perhaps the electronics is the one part we'll need to purchase.


The Digital Dentist has taken quite a lead with this project and scrounged up parts to build a basic frame and put part of an old CNC machine on it. — Pete Prodoehl 2012/07/10 10:42

I can donate a QU-BD 1.75mm extruder to this project. It will need a Nema 17 motor though. — Pete Prodoehl 2012/07/06 08:49

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