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Milwaukee Makerspace Pi-powered Informational System 2


The Milwaukee Makerspace Pi-powered Informational System 2 (MMPIS2 for short) is a very large television at the space with a Raspberry Pi connected to it running as a kiosk. It provides important information to the members such as, which side of the street they should park on, upcoming events, and silly quotes from the wiki. (See Also MMPIS.)

MMPIS2 is currently using Screenly Open Source Edition.

Progress Log

2018-01-30 - MMPIS2 was declared operational by Pete and Dan.

2017-12 - Things didn't work.

2017-11 - Things didn't work.

2017-10 - Things didn't work.

Bill of Materials

Part Desc Vendor Part Nbr Qty
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Pi 3 Model B 1
CanaKit 5V 2.5A|Power Supply CanaKit 1
Class 10 UHS-I MicroSDHC SanDisk 1
Television ??? ??? 1
Screenly OSE WireLoad, Inc. 1

Note that the TV was donated to the space by Matt B. (Thanks!)

Makerspace Members

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