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This page describes the Milwaukee Makerspace Billing System

General Features

Have accounts for each person

Brainstormed Feature List

  1. List of Current members
  2. List of Past members
  3. List of All members
  4. List of Recently Unpaid members (from the last month)
  5. List of members who paid last month
  6. List of members who didn't pay last month
  7. List of members using their first name and enough last-name letters to uniquely identify them
  8. List of member balances over time
  9. Export of check payments, cash payments, dwolla, stripe, PayPal for Quickbooks
  10. On-line sign-up and waiver signing
  11. List rentable spaces
  12. Add / Remove rent-able spaces
  13. Show how many pre-payments for membership we have
  14. Integration with the wiki users
  15. Integration with WordPress
  16. Integrate with the Mailing Lists
  17. Track equipment people are trained on
  18. Track equipment owner status
  19. Track trainer privilege status
  20. Way for a member to change their address
  21. Alternate/secondary email for member

What we will accomplish by 11/15/13

  1. Automatic payment entry from Dwolla
  2. Automatic payment entry from PayPal
  3. Automatic payment entry from Stripe
  4. Automatic payment entry from Square
  5. Display check payments, cash payments, dwolla, stripe, PayPal for Viewing
  6. Way for a member to view their balance and payments
  7. Way for a board member to log in for admin things
  8. Access log
  9. Display members
  10. Add Payments
  11. Cancel/Edit payments
  12. Add Members
  13. Interface with the door-access system
    1. Store keyfob codes in plain text
    2. Delete person-entered codes after passing them to the door system
  14. Email out payment reminders on a schedule

Database Schema

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