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Milwaukee Makerspace Lighting Controller - Version 1.0

Basic Description

  • The circuit breakers in Panel 2LP-2 are controlled by relays and switches contained in Panel 2LP-3.
  • Individual 120-volt lighting loads are switched using an array of ten solid-state relays.
  • Each relay controls a specific bank (or zone) of lights in either the West or East Room.
  • Zones have not been significantly altered since Makerspace took occupancy of the Lenox building.
  • Users identify the zones they wish to turn on or off using a zone map printout, then toggle the zone's corresponding switch.
  • Red 'status' LEDs indicate which zones are on or off.
  • The relays and 120-volt wiring are enclosed by a clear, Plexiglas panel. The metal breaker box cover is installed over that.

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Zone Map

User Interface

Terminal Strips

5 VDC Control Power


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