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 __Summary Status__ __Summary Status__
-Soldered ​the antennas on to the Moteinos. ​ That definitely improved the transmission so the Moteinos communicate ​the ACKs.  Also created a custom Node sketch and successfully tested communicating between two Moteinos. ​ Someone gave me a DHT11 that I used to measure the temperature and humidity.  The node sketch ​is done.  Finally, I tried to 3D print a holder for the battery but it was not the right one.+The node is communicating to the host which communicates ​to the Raspberry Pi over the serial connection.  The RPi is sending data to the MySQL database on the internet.
 Click [[http://​​search/​label/​Home%20environmental%20sensor%20array | here]] to view blog posts for both HESA projects. Click [[http://​​search/​label/​Home%20environmental%20sensor%20array | here]] to view blog posts for both HESA projects.
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