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 Here's a video of [[http://​​watch?​v=tQdPsezOvwo|cutting the ornaments]]. Here's a video of [[http://​​watch?​v=tQdPsezOvwo|cutting the ornaments]].
-Project Members[[members:​peteprodoehl|Pete Prodoehl]][[Members/​BrantHoleman|Brant Holeman]]Shane[[Members/​RonBean|Ron Bean]] ​(Special thanks to Jason H. for cutting a bunch more of them on his own when we ran out of time!)+===== Project Members ​===== 
 +    * [[Members/​PeteProdoehl|Pete Prodoehl]] 
 +    * [[Members/​BrantHoleman|Brant Holeman]] 
 +    * [[members:​shanet|Shane]] 
 +    * [[Members/​RonBean|Ron Bean]] 
 +    * Jason H.
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