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Electric Move-Around

The electric movearound was named after the walkabout, a rite of passage engaged in by aboriginal Australian males (or maybe not). I decided to name this the electric movearound to reflect its more traditional American roots in moving around using electricity and with a nod to the quintessentially “American” Hoveround. This is my project to devise a means of transporting myself intra-city distances with an electric-motorized device.

I've got a few ideas about this, but I'm planning on focusing my first efforts into the conversion of a Honda PA50 that I inherited whose Internal Combustion Engine, or ICE, is a PITA, or Pain In The Ass.

The other option is making a utility bicycle using a hub motor for the “DriveTrain”.

Honda PA50 Donor Chassis


  • Tire Size: 2.25×17“ “Max MPH”: 30
  • Front Spoke splay: 106mm
  • Rear Spoke splay: 114mm (measured from inside of plates mounted to shocks)

Replacement DriveTrain

Potential avenues of attack include replace current engine (with single large brushed motor or smaller mounted brushless or hub motors).

Engine Replacement: GoldenMotor 5KW, GoldenMotor or Kelly controller
Hub motor: GoldenMotor 16-20" Hub Motor, Infineon Controller

Electric Utility Bike

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