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 +====== Rolling Cart with Retractable Wheels ======
 +When we first started the Makerspace, before we had even rented a building, we talked about having members build rolling carts that would serve as portable bench space with personal storage underneath, and which could be rolled out of the way when they weren'​t being used. We ended up using pallet racks for storage, and a random collection of tables and benches for work space. But I always liked the cart idea.
 +You don't want the cart rolling around while you're working, and I didn't want separate toe brakes on each wheel. After looking at several possibilities,​ I ran across this page, with a nice solution to a similar problem: [[http://​​mobile_base/​table_saw.html]]
 +Here's what I came up with:
 +When you pull the handle, the wedges lift the table onto the wheels. The metal strips on top of the wedges keep the bearings from digging into the wood. After I took these pictures, I made different wedges with a steeper angle (30 degrees instead of 15), because our floors aren't level and I needed it to lift up higher. I also replaced the temporary handle shown here with a longer one.
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