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Remote Aquaponics Sensor Buoy

Project Members

Originated By Vishal Rana

Project Goal

  • Deploy a buoy with sensors that monitors chemical concentrations in an aquaponics system fish tank.
  • The buoy will have its own power production and storage capabilities.
  • It should provide daily updates from anywhere in the world.

Current Plan


Due to Li-Ion sensitivity to weather conditions and its cost, look into using NiCd or Sealed Lead Acid



  • Use a Motorola C168i controlled by Arduino via serial library to send text messages. Tutorial
  • Cost of sending international texts using Safaricom is approx. 11 cents/text. Safaricom Rates


  • Dissolved Oxygen
    • Atlas Scientific Probe - They have sample arduino code. Calibration is good for atleast 12 months after initial calibration – $200
  • Ammonia
    • Ammonia probes are very expensive (>$400)
    • Instead, use Ammonia Alert Device coupled with a color sensor to determine concentration. Will need to place sensor close (< 3-4 mm) to the alert device and possible use a light source for accurate readings
  • Nitrate
  • pH
    • Atlas Scientific Probe - “Remember, a pH Sensor cannot be allowed to dry out or freeze. When it’s not in use keep it in the supplied soaker bottle. Periodically change out the storage solution in the soaker bottle with new storage solution. This pH Sensor can be fully submerged indefinitely.”$106

Buoy Design

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